October 3, 2022

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25 thoughts on “What Really Happen Nov 17th 2017 Between Beyonce and Kim K

  1. I been over gizelle for a long time now.. I’m just sick of her entitled attitude. Also, I can’t stand her fan base they’re so delusional and gullible.. I was recently on a few different blogs on Ig and anytime gizelle posts a pic they’re going fk nuts reposting.. quotes saying “how authentic she is and perfect,” its disgusting to me to worship a human whom you dont personally know this way smh.. I dont care for her or her husband thats just me. I don’t bandwagon and I’m not weak minded, so I don’t fall for the glam and I’m so down with my ppl acts. (Rolls eyes)

    1. Agreed! Her fans refuse to see anything wrong with her and the “worship” of her is plain weird and pathetic. Unfortunately it seems like the music industry only allows one “greatest” black pop artist at a time and she was the chosen one. Sheeple will always praise who the media tells them to praise.

    2. This. Anything close to an opposing opinion of her, and they go nuts in attack mode. She def puts spells in her music cuz they are possessed.

  2. Oooooh shiiiit …. That last paragraph got me 🍵👀 Y’all think Paris told Bey a little sumthin sumthin about KK back in the day?

    1. 😂 One time during an interview, Paris and Nicole said they knew a girl named Kim who was a whore. I ctfu they really didn’t even care.

  3. Watched the Kanye rant video and regardless of the crazy Trump talk, he was speaking facts!!! And I’m pretty sure he received some veiled threats prior to this, hence the “don’t send…” remarks. Also, the crowd cheering loud for Frank Ocean over Drake made me think of this year’s camp flognaw when people were upset about Drake being the surprise guest and not Frank. Regardless of the “crazy antics”, Kanye knows what he’s saying about music. Kid Cudi is responsible for alot of Kanye’s sound and some of his rhymes and should be a bigger mainstream artist than what he currently is now. But I believe Cudi had some emotional breakdown as well if I remember correctly… Formation shouldn’t have won over hotline or famous. Period. Radio is a joke, and so is MTV. I do feel bad for the people that came to see a show though… I went to the show in Vegas and he performed all his hits, no rants. It was great! Beyonce can do no wrong literally because if she steps out of her bubble, she could risk it all which is why she will never be cool in public with Kim (unless theres a reconciliation between Ye and Jay). I saw the promo for her adidas line and I’m sorry but that ish is ugly. The beehive will buy it up though. Oohwee, I bet Paris Hilton has some juicy “back in the day” stories…

    1. Idk what look she was going for the all white was cute to me but at the same time formation I didn’t get the hype. Giselle cares too much of what the public think who cares. Girl get a damn friend.

  4. Beyonce is a product of her environment, her daddy pimped her out along time ago and then jayz took over. The brand ” Beyonce” is bigger than the person and there’s really nothing she can do about it. I believe she’s a great entertainer and its just not that serious. I feel like hating her for doing her job is ridiculous. She’s in too deep, she can try and leave if she wants and they’ll Michael Jackson her .

    1. This is how I feel too, it’s easy not to care about her and yes she is t perfect but she does have a brand that she knows she just has to go along with, I believe that’s up she hasn’t left Jay yet too bc of her brand. When she realize she stronger than her brand then she will be able to stand on her own.

    2. Sometimes i too forget she is Controlled but you’re right her brand “BEYONCE” is bigger than her its kinda sad fr.

  5. I don’t know why people want these two to associate so bad, like who cares… It gets so old at this point. Kim does stuff just to be seen and Giselle is stuck in her own little world. They both full of shit.

  6. Not sure why those 2 would be friends- they don’t have to be enemies but it seems like Bey’s only friend is actually Kelly and other people she’s seen with are business associates. Kim isn’t in the music industry (and she’s not considered the greatest (I.e Serena is considered the greatest female athlete right now) so it is a stretch for her & Beyoncé to be anything but cordial. Their husbands aren’t even friends any more.

  7. Everybody on this planet will NOT be your friend. No it doesn’t mean that they will be your enemy either, it just means that we are all different with different ways and we will click with some and not with others. Beyonce probably just doesn’t click with Kim. She can’t see herself having a coffee with her. That is ok. I wish people would leave them alone. If it happens or not, that is OK.

  8. The media played him out to be crazy but im just now hearing the audio knowing everything i know now …he was definitely exposing the elites.

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve tried to tell people that but they don’t want to hear it. Now, I really question the various Ye’s we’ve come across.

  9. I truly believe something happened between Jay and Kim, Orr Kim knows something about Jay. But why did Kylie have Beyonce name at her party dinner table, if Bey DONT like them?

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