October 2, 2022

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30 thoughts on “The Darkside of The Industry: The Creepy Ass World Of D.C By Daradiant

  1. I watched a video on YouTube a while ago about DC and I’m not surprised at all!! I’m happy your doing stories like this on the blog.

      1. There’s like an underground city or something in case Armageddon strikes or something like that.

      2. Radiant – am I tripping or do I see something in the shape of an owl in the 3rd picture? Aren’t owls also symbolic of something? Radiant, do you have any input on the Trump/Iran situation? Going to click on the links now, thank you for sharing this info.

      3. @ShaunFord The info that I got is basically they simply want Trump and his family. If they can’t get Trump, they will more likely do damage to anything that his name it. Something like a 9/11 situation. But, don’t hold me to that! Also, if y’all paid attention to the press conference that he did this morning, that fool was so MKed up that he wasn’t on Twitter that much! Plus, his eyes was dead on that teleprompter the entire time! It was 5 minutes and that’s it.

      4. You got both. The owl and the goat in the third pic. No you are not tripping. They are so busy building up DC that you can barely see the dome on Capitol Hill!

    1. I’m curious about what’s so creepy about an airport? I’m been in person over a dozen times so plz enlighten me?

  2. Thank you for sharing…and prayers go out to you. An author friend of mine touched upon this before she passed away twelve years ago.

  3. I always wondered why all of those people are going missing in the DC area, never to be seen or heard from again. This is really sad.

    1. Yea DC and Arlington VA have a spike in missing children around Halloween. Those cities are filled with pedos disguised as politicians if you know pizzagate then you know why. S M H

  4. I remember watching a documentary about free Mason’s some time ago and it showed all of this plus other mind blowing sickness

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