October 4, 2022

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36 thoughts on “Riff Inside “The Real” : The Real About The Real

  1. SMH about Tamera being a Republican. Having your own mind is actually a thing. Just because your husband is a Republican doesnt mean that you have to be one. I’m disappointed.

    We all know this Amanda Seales situation is going to be a mess. Adding her is like throwing gasoline on fire.

    1. Everything that Tamera do is because of that husband. i don’t believe she has a mind of her own. She is really obsessed with that man..i know it’s her husband and all but its weird at times

    2. I completely agree. If they think Amanda is going to smooth things over, they truly are senseless. I can’t imagine the way she’s going to blast the BTS drama seeing that she had no issue putting everything on the table for her Insecure co-workers.

  2. Oh wow! When u get a group of women together at a job it’s always drama anyway u look at it 🤦🏽‍♀️ But it’s something about Loni & Adrienne that don’t sit right with me🥴

  3. I am NOT a fan of Amanda, so I havent even watched since she came on board. Truth be told, Loni has been turning me off so badly over the last year or so…I find myself watching less and less. You can definitely feel some tension in the air though. Especially with Adeienne. It feels like she is barely there any more. She is more.focused in being a Fashion Nova model on IG these days

  4. This is a hot mess. I really miss Tamar on the real. She was funny and good to watch. I stop watching after tamar got the boot.

  5. How on earth do they expect Amanda to save the girls? Amanda can barely save herself, SMH. Let’s face it, I think the majority of us knew it would come down to this on this show, especially after Tamar left. It is not like the Real is like the View, where those women were able to survive through the chaos. The chics on the Real don’t seem to have that kind of gusto and their topics, unlike the View, aren’t that interesting. I don’t see this lasting.

  6. Ok so tamera do have some blackness in there lol but all this is a mess and Amanda aint bouta do nothing but stir the pot.

    1. I never like loni from the time she made jeanie cry because jeanie aint want children and I can tell its been tension jeanie been trying to hold that show down.

  7. I have never watched one episode and of this show. Is it safe to say Tamera identifies as a white woman? Her husband rubs me the wrong way just looking at him. I wouldn’t be surprised if that marriage had some DV (verbal and physical abuse)

    1. I wouldn’t say Tamera identifies as a white Woman I feel she acknowledges both her sides (white and black). Social media just gives her grief for being mixed like always. That’s why everyone says they like tia more because tia married a black man but yet ain’t showing out for anything tia does in the business smh

  8. I been over Loni and I’m not really surprised by the rest of this mess. Adam is unemployed and always telling Tamera what to do 🙊🙉🙈😂

  9. I always thought if anyone would be the highest paid it would be Jeannie cause she’s the one who keeps it the most real & most entertaining IMO.

    Loni is the second highest paid? Again if Jeannie wasn’t the highest paid she definitely should be second highest. Loni is annoying and corny.

    Tamar and Adrienne used to be hot and cold with they friendship. (Even though Adrienne did snatch her husband from another woman). I always felt Adrienne was the closest to Tamera, but even she was shading when Tamera was out for her niece death smh

    They can’t tell that man where he can go to discuss his niece murder. Sounds like they were selfish and was hoping he would come down so they can use the death for an increase of Ratings which is messed up smh. Also I don’t know why everyone dislikes Tamera so much, she’s the sweetest IMO. Guess it’s cause she’s biracial, married to a white man (republican at that) that rubs the community the wrong way.

    All in all this sounds like women being women. Refusing to put they claws away and co-exist in the workplace. Egos and jealousy and emotions ruining a good thing. The show used to be good! We gotta do better ladies.

  10. I’ve never watched one episode of that show, I just had no interest … BUT it’s going to be interesting to see how Amanda Seales fits into the dynamic

  11. Though I haven’t watched regularly since Tamar was fired, the clips I see of them reveal how strong of a dislike they have for each other. Tamar was clearly the scapegoat as they pretended to be friendly after her firing, but the tension between them is still heavy. Loni is the worst of them all. She is bitter that after 15+ years, she never reached the level she wanted to. I literally am exhausted dealing with her in ten minute segments – personally IDK how they do it.

  12. Tamera was my fave during the Sister Sister days but after that behavior of hers on that reality show, I stab for Tia only

    Bringing in Amanda is basically fueling the fire.

    I always hate when they’re trying to phase someone out instead of simply firing them, they ease in their replacement as a test under the guise of being a coach & then fire them.

  13. Even though under her husband Tamera seems brainless and spineless, I still kinda enjoy her perspectives sometimes on the show. I wasn’t really a fan of the Real and found out about it right before Tamar got the boot. She was definitely the most entertaining and u could tell they hated the attention she always got. These days u can definitely tell there’s tension, however I did not see Amanda as a coach or anything. They seem to flex their muscles a bit when it comes to her, if u pay close attention to mannerisms sometimes. If production out her there for that…. ima just sip my tea.

  14. I don’t watch the show but I saw the recent clip of Loni throwing black men under the bus… she talks as if rich white men (especially the ones in power) haven’t been doing the same EXACT thing for CENTURIES!!! They’re just more discreet about it! Yes our men need to do better but let’s stop with the narrative that only black men are trifling.

  15. Say what, now? How can bringing on an extra face, get the ones who feel UNDERpaid… to focus their attention somewhere else? Maybe I missed something. Because if anything, the argument would now be, “Instead of hiring more staff, why not just give us raises?” THAT would/should be the new issue, not a way to forget.

    And as far as that show, it never really caught on with me. The most excitement I got from it was waiting to find out who it was that really snaked Tamar. Aside from that, I probably saw a single ep. And really wouldn’t bother with that talk-now/think-later ass Amanda Seales.

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