October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/9/2020

  1. What about the situation with Meghan Markle? What else is Loni Love gonna do? She isn’t funny. Maybe she will ride off into the sunset with her hubby… 🤷🏿

  2. I wonder what’s the dirt on Lisa Rinna.
    Them chicks know what they signing up for when they get with Future
    Did R Kelly’s two chicks get into a fist fight what are they fighting about?
    So Amanda is going to replace Loni 🤔

  3. I would say I’m shocked about Malia doing coke (if that’s what that first part is saying), but meh … the people she hangs with kind of told that and her dad is in with elites so 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Future is a nasty mfer 😷 …

  4. Not surprised about malia she stay getting caught up with something and them white friends be outting her at every chance. Meanwhile Sasha probably turning up too but her black friends hold her down lol

    Ariana Selena and Demi all victims of abuse so no surprise they have addictions heavy.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if they dropped loni, her and Amanda gonna be playing the same role. And she gonna say it’s a colorist issue. But hey that’s her karma for What she did to Tamar. Plus she’s just become more annoying than usual.

    1. Sasha definitely turns up. My friends little sister goes to the same school as Sasha, and she says sasha is always at all the parties turning up but everyone she is friends with makes sure that no one records her

  5. The grammar in a couple of the paragraphs doesn’t make any sense, are you saying Malia was in rehab? And who is Jr?

    1. No, Rob does. That will be Chyna’s defense…he’s mentally unstable so there no way the courts would award him full custody.

  6. Hell, Azriel was the mole. She was talking in code the entire time and I definitely understood exactly what she had said. Remember the snapchat she had when she and Joy was going out for Joy’s party? She was telling us then what about to go down.

  7. I never liked Jho for some reason. They tryna gang up on Chyna I hear even Khloe said Dream cry when it’s time to go back to her mom. Smh I dislike the Kardashians as well by the way.

  8. These women talk so badly about future nasty behind still they find their way in his bed yuck 🤢 morning

    1. Right! That’s why you can’t be mad at him, he’s only being him but that doesn’t mean they have to go along with it. Goes to show you everyone’s just looking for a come up.

  9. Why are they sleeping with Future without a condom anyway. Have the heard of Std,’s and HIV? Do they care,? He obviously don’t..

  10. Nooooo NOT Malia 😥!

    Azriel talking all that smack about Jocelyn, but I am pretty sure as long as she was with R. Kelly, she too did some illegal stuff. She better watch it, before she AND Jocelyn are in a jail cell.

    Future is pathetic and any woman who deals and gets pregnant by him at this point, are too.

    Both Rob and Chyna are a mess. I don’t know who that little girl would be better off with.

    Lisa Rinna, girl, what did you do 😥?

    Now JLO did all that Elite azz kissing. Probably did all their little rituals and her azz STILL didn’t win. Bet you, she feels stupid. That is what happens when you play with the devil. Nothing offered is ever guaranteed.

    Loni not going nowhere lol. She is gonna fight to the death before she lets Amanda push her out 😂.

    1. That probably explains why Michelle Obama doesn’t want them to be in politics anymore. She’s trying to keep her household whole 🤷🏾‍♀️

  11. Everybody knows about Demi. I bet it’s even harder when trying to stay in this industry. Been know about Selena she went to rehab like 3 times quietly and she was drunk af at the amas. I heard Ariana has been using drugs to keep up with her constant touring and also just to deal with everything since Manchester.

  12. Future is doing that because his ass got caught up and is acting like he doesn’t want to claim that child lmao

  13. Azriel is a joke to me. In that video a while back she was the one doing most of the talking. She was all down for it but now all of a sudden you pressing charges and claiming she molested you. Like it’s way to much bandwagon going on but I knew they would give in sometime.

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