October 5, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Pr Diaries The Stories We Use To Whisper About On These Pr Streets

  1. Oh my gah….they were just passing peeny and puzz juice juice all around huh? Everyone had a taste of everyone.

  2. Any back story of Quincy Jones’s daughters? Kidada Jones was the one who was dating Tupac and ll Cool j right?

  3. I wonder if Jayz ate pussy or he just had a big dick, because I would’ve had to ride and get hit from the back

  4. Errr…..still waiting on the kerry Washington story. Can’t forget about the one. Been patiently waiting

  5. Can we get more tea on Dream H. …I always wondered why her tweets were jockin J so hard … Now we know! But make tea please 🙂lol lol

  6. LL Cool J said in his book he had to let Kidada go due to her doing alot of witchcraft. Wonda if thats how she got Tupac🤔

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