October 2, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/7/19

  1. Why won’t Ryan S. Just let the KarJenner squad end. It has fun the race and finished the course. Let it go, please

  2. He deff tried to sleep with her blamed it on “being drunk” G speaking facts per usual. Nobody knew about that

  3. I agree stop letting social media get to you like tf.

    I still don’t know who Camila is only fiffh harmony i know is normani lol

  4. Camilla probably only suffering because it wasn’t just black people she was being racist toward. She also dissed Asians (and they don’t play that they will make your sales drop ask Dolce & Gabbana), she even dissed her own people too. She dissed every other race that will make you suffer for being racist, black people unfortunately we don’t keep that same energy smfh.

  5. Nah. Kylie just got called out for fake outrage. However, I do agree that people need stop pocket watching so darn much.

  6. Question y’all: who y’all think going to sale more rihanna mascara jan 16 or giselle adidas jan 18…its like they keep going head to head lol

  7. Hoping CC gets dropped now. Can’t stand those chipmunk vocals anyway.

    On another note, you would think that by NOW with everyone knowing how social media works and exposes people, that people’s team would step in and delete everything from their past the minute they get signed, but maybe it’s a set up (humiliation) on purpose.

  8. People need to stop internet watch what others are doing and go live their own life outside the phone and computer screen. It is there money at the end of the day.

    Never been a fan of Camila’s music, but this may bebher Karma for doing Normani and her former group dirty.

    Pete is so unappealing not sure what these women see in him….🥴

    Do we still need more Kardashians/Jenner in our face?

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