October 4, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes DreamDoll

  1. At this point I don’t know why Jayda still with that man he’s clearly not into her as evident from that really awkward video of her twerking on him in the club 😶

  2. Dream doll been a lil smut even when she was working as a startender Chile cheese she was fuckin the boss also😎☕️

  3. Oh welp lil baby ain’t into jayda and jayda eating up the fame so who cares. Lol when the cats out the bag lets see what she’ll say.

    Tae be around all messy bitches

  4. They all run in the same circle jayda, dreamdoll, Ari, and the hairstylist Tae. Shit jayda probably fucking her too, they do be doing extra flirty shit sometimes.

    1. Its creeping me out and then ppl want to be just like them. Its like they do the same shit the dudes do except rap. They mess with the gals dem mess with all types of drugs dem mess with all the dudes like tf. They so easy to get

  5. Whattttt!???? Her ass said that !?? Hmmm that means she out here doing her too. Cause he ain’t that fine so maybe I get it !

  6. Did this happen before or after their threesome? It’s been said they have threesomes with Dream that’s why her and Jayda fake besties now.

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