October 3, 2022

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55 thoughts on “Golden Globes Hot Takes

  1. Wait nick Jonas is gay??
    Where have I been
    And I’ve been wondering about JHoe she sure CANT sang I knew she slept or worshipped satan she’s worth 700 million Kerry girl I was rooting for you
    Drake I’m not surprised he’s slept with everyone else except Caitlin Jenner

      1. Wifey, you did some of it on with me Kerry. Remember the Beta Kitten story and the Watergate story together? Chile, we tagged the hell outta story. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. U did a lil sum on Kerry and it was a super good story too!!! Especially the part with Obama 😩

  2. Damn it, not Jason being verbally and emotionally abusive to Lisa Bonet!!! Please do a full sorry on this G.

  3. Wow… it’s disappointing Kerry Washington.. college educated woman.. she really let the industry do that to her.. I guess it’s true, when it comes to money anything goes now matter who you are.

  4. The award show season are when the celebs show out for the elites and do all their rituals. SMH
    And scoop on Billy Porter? He does the most for the white lgbt community but constantly bashed the black community about not accepting gay men, is he just pushing the agenda?

  5. I want a story on Ellen. I would have never thought the “Queen of Kind” would be abusive..and Jason smh he looks like he is abusive. Kerry??? I always thought she was a pass around she looks like the type to sleep around to get roles.

  6. i noticed gwenyth paltrows little handbag looks really similar to a noose.. was this purposely planned by the stylists?

  7. Now I wonder if the beyhive is gonna raise chaos because their lord didn’t win an emmy for the categories she was nominated for😏😏 this makes two big award shows she didn’t won anything for, first the Oscar’s now the Emmy’s😐

  8. Drake has had Salma too….Lawd 😂 lol. The thot chronicles of Drake continues 😂.

    I don’t know how they will make Nick the Justin replacement. I mean JT at least had several bops starting from his 1st album. All Nick has is the “Jealous” song from like 3 yrs ago. This will be interesting.

    Jason Momoa is a abuser. That is disappointing, but for some reason I can see this. He gives azzhole vibes at times when I have seen/read his interviews.

    I am still in shock about Ellen being a abuser. But again in a weird way I can see it with her too.

    Kerry looks out of it. That mind is clearly twisted.

  9. The new Justin who? Timberlake? I’m sorry Nick Jonas doesn’t have the credentials, or the dance moves lol. Nicks first solo album was great I was a big fan but I don’t see him replacing Timberlake. Not at this point in time maybe at first lol

  10. I don’t care for jhoe period.. culture vulture ass broad and super fake.. selma has always been so fine to me and I would love to know who did her boobs.. them babies always standing at attention.. jason and ellen both have those abusive personalities and straits. I can always see a person and not know them and pickup on hidden traits like that.. and I don’t recall ever seeing Kerry dressed this way off screen.. wowwwww.. when I saw her pic on a different platform I said something aint right homegurl doesnt dress like this, its not her style smh so sad

  11. Not surprised abt Ellen. She gives me mean drunk vibes.

    Praying for Lisa.

    Brad seems very mechanical to me now. Like ge doesn’t want to move too much or the plastic wax will crack or fall off.

    Tom Hanks disappointed parent looks during Rick Gervais brilliant monologue was a bit much. I’ve been over him since Issaac kappa exposed his ass.

    I would like to suggest ppl with questions abt ritualistim in Hollywood, look at past G entries or do google research. I have learned so much. Been researching since 2010 and I’m still learning. Hollywood is evil. Period.

    You, G, are amazing. Happy new year!

  12. I’ve always wanted Lenny & Lisa to reunite!! I don’t watch award shows any more but I was surprised to see J&B had attended- didn’t realize B was nominated. Still can’t believe JLo got a nomination…

  13. Eddie and this new woman looks so mismatched…always thought she was much younger. Guess not! Kerry definitely looks zooted, I can totally believe the abuse rumors about both Jason and Ellen. I saw Jason and Lisa earlier and felt something was off. Nick and Priyanka are so blahhh…not couple goals at all. Salma is sitting pretty! 💁🏾‍♀️ Jenny from the block has been finessing the industry for years. Congratulations we’ve all been bamboozled lol! That’s my wrap up! 😂 ✌🏾

  14. Goodness! All that name calling. I couldn’t stand it. That alone is enough to drive somebody out of there mind. The mentality of it all.

  15. I watched the first hour of it, and man you can feel the awkwardness through the tv. Lol it looked like no one wanted to be there, their faces said it all

    Who hasn’t Drake fucked, but I’ am surprised that he got with Salma….and Salma, her boobs are already perfect 😭😤

    Sooo I guess as long as she praises the goat, Jlo will show no signs of stopping. As little talent as she has, I guess you can put praising the Goat as one LOL

  16. I used to love Ellen until you told us the truth about her. Would have never thought she was abusive with how much she preaches to “be kind to one another” so disappointing to keep realizing how full of shit these celebs are. Can you go into Ricky Gervais’ monologue?

  17. Happy New Year everyone!
    G, what was the reason for Beyonce (not saying that she had to) not standing for Joaquin Phoenix? And also bringing her own champagne? I mean why attend if you didn’t want to be there.

  18. Fruit Cup? 😂 Really?!😂😂😂😂
    Wow Lisa B. Energy is waaaaaay off.😲😓
    I really don’t want to believe my eye candy is abusive. I’m hoping that’s untrue and they just had an argument in the car before hitting the carpet.
    Kerry looked and sounded wacked out last night. SMH
    J.Lo looked like an unwanted Christmas gift. That dress was hideous.

  19. That was sooo much tea, loved this segment. Woww, where to start… Eddie looks like playdoh in the face, wtf is J wearing (ritual?), Nick is gay and Justin is getting murked.
    Ohhh, so much tea, love each drop..

  20. Sooooo what’s that lump on JLo’s temple lol. I felt so uneasy looking at Lisa & Jason’s interactions…that world is sick sick.

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