October 3, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Hot Takes 1/5/19

  1. Exactly Keke been told about Trey but y’all love ignoring black girls, especially dark or brown skinned like Keke when they speak out

  2. Has Adele been cloned?
    Brielle’s lips seem to be way bigger than Kylie’s lips
    Are you saying Lori called off a trip with Future and went on a trip with Diddy?

  3. Trey trey trey 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ That karma is real smh

  4. I’m confused on the last “Tea”….Jordyn has been cheating eith who?? And wat about Diddy ex side chik?? Somebody help me out!

    1. I read that one a couple of times and couldn’t put it together so I’m wait for the explanation

  5. “She should have copied Kylie’s drive”

    Real talk though, she could have flourished with ALL audiences because she’s white.

  6. Sis done fumbled the bag for a man that really want a man. I don’t know why Angela Yee feel she is entitled to the same bag as Aunt Charla.

  7. Adele does look different and not good different! Almost sickly!

    All these IG Models think that looking like Kylie will be enough haha nah! Shawty ain’t get that billion dollar title off her looks alone (obviously if anyone can get her face) you gotta put in the work in multiple ways, business wise and Uh…👀

    I understand why Angela wants to feel equal to Charlamagne but at the same time she isn’t so why would they be paid the same? Charlamagne annoying closeted ass is 10x messier and gets more attention so I get both sides even though Charlamagne is Annoying.

    These chicks gonna get enough of dropping bags for Diddy. They better reach out to Cassie first and get the full tea!

  8. Sheesh!!! And Adele is almost unrecognizable. Her skin seems to be saggy too which is kind of expected after such a huge drop in weight. I hate the idea of Hollywood/Fame changing her look. I guess she had to succumb to the lime light pressures. She’s always been a beautiful women & her weight shouldn’t have ever been an issue especially when it didn’t effect her belting out those tunes!!!

  9. Brielle is lazier like her lazy mama and is trying to get put on. I’m actually surprised that she’s not with a black rapper/baller after the baseball player – but not really when your dad is low key racist.

  10. Joy and Shannon Sharpe 😱 and I really don’t like Molly her voice is mad annoying on first take 🙄

    I wonder what Lori’s end game is? I mean you can’t possibly think Future is the end all to be all. Not with her “training”.

  11. I dont even know who Joy Taylor is..

    Brielle is lazy as hell and her lips looks like ridiculous. Who in their right mind would’ve brought any product she created, if that was the direction she was going?
    Angela Yee is not that important on the show to think she should get equal pay as Cthagod. She is boring and half the time I don’t even realize she is there when she is on there.

  12. Seriously disappointed in Trey.

    I am all for someone living a healthy life. But just like there is a thing for gaining too much weight, there is also a thing for LOSING too much. Adele is starting to look a little sickly.

    That is a sad situation for Lori. How your new man gonna be cool and hang out with your ex man and your ex man is a RECENT ex. How awkward and tragic.

  13. “Shouldve matched Kylie’s drive” – I’m cackling 😩🙊Brielle has gone from wanting to look like Kylie to almost looking like Tana Mongeau’s twin🥴 like giirrrlll your mirror don’t even recognise you no more

  14. The problem with Adele’s looks right now is that she has no muscle tone and probably not getting enough nutrients. She probably lost the weight in a drastic and unhealthy way that DIDN’T include enough exercise or food. Expect her again back double in a year or two if she doesn’t get on a healthier regimen.

    Anybody who hooks up with Diddy is desperate for fame and money. End of story.

    Earl is back with his crazy baby mama Jennifer??? Whoa… hopefully she’s changed!

    Angela Yee is not entertaining, she better get on back to work and take what they’re giving her because outside of the breakfast club and her podcast, I don’t see her going too far unless she starts doing something behind the scenes like producing shows, etc.

    I’m not convinced Lori was dating Diddy but then again, one of Diddy’s pieces did say Lori was frequently spending time at his place…

    Draya will forever be a party girl at heart and that’s fine. G told us her husband had been cheating anyway so let her do her.

    Wtf Trey…

    1. I’m not going to lie I thought keke was just drunk and over exaggerating but after seeing that video of him trying to pour liquor in her mouth. I was like yeah something off about him.

  15. Smhhh. I can’t believe Trey like he will never learn !!!! I never doubted KeKe, I knew she wasn’t lying. G told us before about a lawsuit right before KeKe came out and said something. Crazy !

  16. Angela can leave the show. Her energy SUCKS. If it could just be charlamagne I wouldn’t mind. Dj isn’t a good interviewer and NEVER asks the right questions. I’ve watched interviews where she’s not there and it’s much more pleasant

  17. I just saw Hopelessly in Love regarding Left Eye, and Andre Rison. I am truly blowed about her and Suge. Wasn’t Suge dealing with Mi’chelle at the time?

  18. I was watching that left eye and Andre story and thinking shit G told us this story. You are the GOAT.

  19. What “drive” does Kylie have? You do know she just pretends to run her “empire” and it’s really a whole other group of people doing it for her while she takes selfies. This is the world we have created with clowns like the KKK capitalizing.

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