October 4, 2022

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60 thoughts on “Handlers Who Are They? Part 2

  1. G, do you think this is the age of awakening? Are we closer to the last days then ever before? Is this push for new age stuff ultimately to lead people away from God?

  2. if cloning isnt possible.. then how do celebrities develop reptilian like features like shapeshifting, etc. most recently it was the weeknd in the heartless video where at one point his eyes shift into reptilian form.. theres also other vids of celebrities like rihanna katy perry hiliary clinton etc.. that have their eyes shapeshift. can you explain that whole process and how they become that way

    1. Yeah, I agree. I think some of it is due to demonic possession. I also think that its possible that we have non-human things among us that take on the form of “human”. Either way it’s weird and hella scary

    2. That Maria person is full of it. She incorrectly stated cloned animals don’t survive. Dolly the sheep from the 80s has been cloned several times. Barbra Striseind(sp?) just cloned her dog a year or two ago! Maria is most likely Controlled opposition, put in place to throw us off their sent. Cloning is 100% real. It is a FACT. It’s been happening since the 1940s and happening today. There are two different types of cloning. There is even a Canadian company called Clonaid. YouTube cloning centers, Scientology, suppressed technologies or Donald Marshall’s talks on illuminati. Shit is hella scary though cause it’s all right in front of us, in plain sight. Although I would say a prayer of peace and comfort before going that rabbit hole. I think the shapeshifting, demonic possession and reptilians are different entities that can work in congruence.

      1. Yeah, I only take different people’s opinion on it because they are registered on the Pr forum I belong to. I don’t neccasarily agree with everyone’s take and i know sometimes people may make a mistake with a name or a date or whatever. I am not saying cloning isn’t real I just said as far as celebrities go I think they replace them and then chip their memory. I am not at 100% cloning yet but that is just me

    3. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible I just said I am not at that point yet. The whole shape shifting thing I am going to tell you is so damn weird to me it’s like your eyes are playing tricks on you. That is a little too deep for me I would have to have someone explain it more to me

  3. I’m glad you touched on cloning. The way you explained it makes sense. I wouldn’t doubt that they might still be testing the whole human cloning thing.

    I believe it’s definitely easier to do MK Ultra. It’s amazing what the mind can do to help us “cope” or “adjust” and we have so many examples of people acting irrationally due to severe trauma.

    This is so scary to me but very interesting.

    1. It was Jay Z but I think now at this point Rih doesn’t need a handler. She handles being down very well.

    2. It used to be Melissa and then Jenny Ro Now it’s to the point where she doesn’t need one. Jay was also her handler around the Chris Brown times

  4. So u mean to tell me that Gucci wife is his handler???? Is that wat that post said??? And now is Safaree, Erica’s handler??? Who’s the handler….Gabriel or Dewayne??? Ayesha or Steph??? Chileeeee this shit is hella spooky then I’m watching the RKelly season 2 “after the documentary” chileeeeeee smh all this so just to much hunny!!!

    1. Ayesha is Steph’s Gabby is D wade’s Erica does not really need handler she is not quite on that level yet

      1. Wait no not the Curry’s I was hoping they were ideal marriage couple
        This just hurt my soul

  5. Good read. She had an interesting input. This type of stuff is more interesting than who’s doin who, lol. Has anyone else read up on Donald Marshall before?

  6. How do you happily and peacefully live a “woke” life when these demonic powerful people are in control of everything and keep us away from the truth? This shit is OD depressing if you really think about everything going on and that we literally have no control over it.

    1. Diddy at first his handler was Clive Davis who was also Alicia keys and Whitney Houston’s Lyor was Jay’s for a long time

  7. My husband thinks I’m crazy because of the info I share with him. He has his own views and I have mine. At the end of the day I’m aware of the lies and just want truth

    1. Everything I give you comes from either what I was told by my mentors or what I saw or experienced. All you have to do is tell him to do a little research and all of the people that were in the industry that have these same stories. Why would they lie? why would B.O.B and Kanye and others risk their career on a lie?

    2. My fiance listens but tunes me out when he doesn’t believe certain things. Esp about the sacrifices, the hand gestures in media..I don’t care. I suppose sharing knowledge esp during these days.

  8. I still don’t get it. Has Jay Z been mk’d? I can’t see that happening? Gay for pay? Can’t see that either. Sellout? Yes. Sacrificing? Yes. What else?

  9. Wowww😮😮 I’m assuming Russell Wilson is Ciara’s handler. Does Pharrell got a handler because I feel that his wife is his? Did Prince had a handler or was he someone’s handler?

    Who’s Janet Jackson handler?

    Whoopi Goldberg?

    Toni Braxton?

    Missy Elliott?


    Taylor Swift?

    Mary J Blige?

    Lil Kim?

    Queen Latifah?

    Did the older female singers had handlers such as Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker?

    This is just beyond crazy💀💀💀

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