August 15, 2022

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54 thoughts on “What Are Handlers, Who Are Some Of Hollywood’s Handlers?

  1. I’ve always wondered about how it actually works. Thanks G..I look forward to reading more on this…mind blowing!

    1. If you look closely he actually puts the card in his left hand and grabs her hand wih the same hand and that’s when she changes up answering the questions, wow!

  2. I think even the Interviewer knew something was up and was like okay I see what he’s doing. Either that or she was just annoyed Russell pretty much ended the interview with no formal goodbye and was pulling Katy away and not letting her speak(I miss this Katy Perry. She looked great and the music was fire!)

    Also I’m shocked that twitter isn’t controlled by the elites! I thought all social media platforms were controlled by them! Maybe that’s why people are constantly debating and saying that twitter really is the better platform than Instagram even though some say it’s IG. Because you can be more free on twitter than IG. If celebs keep using it for rants then eventually they gonna try to control that platform too.

    1. Me too! I thought any social media platform or billon dollar revenue stream was controlled by them. That’s why I fuck with Twitter way more than IG, more content anyway.

    2. I completely agree with you even down to Katy. This was def her best “moment”. Yeah, the interviewer kept looking down at his hand like she knew.

  3. Mannnn…i ddnt even watch the video cause wat i read Scared the shit outta me🤦🏽‍♀️😩 this shit be scary af!! And Hennessy was Cardi handler b4 Offset…whew chile🤦🏽‍♀️ I remember the elevator fight and how Bey was soooo out of it! Starring at the floor the whole time the fight was happening, ddnt move til Jay whispered sum to her in her ear😏🤔🤔 so the big ppl like Ellen & Andy are handlers or were u saying Ellen “IS” Andy’s handler???

    1. I think Ellen and Andy are the mass handlers that she was mentioning. On both of their shows, they do humiliation rituals (like the pranks on Ellen’s show, and all the mess and wild storylines on Andy’s Real Housewives shows). That’s how I interpreted it.

      Now I’m wondering if Mona Scott-Young could be considered a handler. Like could the drama and stuff be humiliation rituals for the cast members??

      1. Good call with Mona Scott. I was trying to think of someone else but with Ellen and Andy I was thinking you have to be openly gay 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Can you name some other handlers?

    Is Ayesha Steph Curry’s handler?

    Who is Megan thee Stallion and Lizzo’s handler?

    Also can you speak on why Dababy keeps getting detained/arrested within the past week? He got detained around his birthday (Dec. 22) and just got detained/arrested today.

    1. I feel like DA baby must be getting setup by the hip hop police or he is being made offers behind closed doors and he’s not accepting them so he keeps being “targeted” when he seems like a cool guy. Usually when “came” hits the elite target you to a new level and w/ a new level it seems they make them celebs do them humiliation or homo rituals. And if you don’t they punish you.

  5. So basically, the celebrity is like a character in a video game(think Mario) and the handler is the person who has the game control and controls how they move. Basically a real life PlayStation. I immediately thought of that as I was reading this. This is sad. The things these people do for fame. On a sidenote, I am glad to know that Twitter is strong enough to resist being controlled by the Elites.

    1. I thought birdman or lil Wayne, I not show who is now. She is marry but dont think that her husband is her handler. If he is he won’t be for long.

    2. It was Safaree at first for a long time then she really didn’t have one until meek. Now she is in deactivation mode and they could not trust Kenny so now if she gets out of line they may send one of them body snatchers

      1. Body snatchers 😶is that what happen to Michael, Prince and Wendy. Are body snatchers killers.

      1. Hey G if it’s not to much to ask can you do a segment on body snatchers and who has allegedly been replaced in your opinion please and thanks !!

  6. Wow, I didn’t know the handlers control them on the red carpet too. Crazy. And this Michael Jackson story really make me sad. 😥

  7. G! Girl. You outdid yourself with this post! I’ve never seen that clip of Katy Perry. How wild is that shit?? Damn. I’m speechless. Cannot wait for part 2!

    1. most of the time it will be an agent or manager or producer or parent most of the time they dont let their parents do it

  8. This post was really good (as always) as it gives a better context for the celebrity-handler context. I just wonder how do the Elites know when the Handler can be trusted? 🤔

    Russell Brand appears to be completely reformed without Katy.

  9. what methods do they use to put them under MK ultra? Is it like hypnosis, electroshock, drugs…? How long are they under it at a time? What happens when the handler isn’t around?

  10. Wow! Just wow!! & I’m that picture, is Beverly Mitchell Mckenzie’s Handler from 7th Heaven??? She looks real unenthused to b on her lap.. lol

      1. I gotta see her.. plus, didn’t the dad go down for child sex abuse or something like that!!??? Ashame

      2. The dad was basically touching little girls so who knows what he did on there
        Or what she had to do on the “casting couch”

  11. Wow this was good..
    every time a celebrity tweets something crazy they always come back and say oh my Twitter was hacked 🙄

  12. G, what happening to Dababy? They keep arresting him! Or they warning him for not willing to go down?

  13. So is ari lennox crying because she doesn’t want to get a nose job? Like a month ago she tweeted “ i will never get a nose job” and its like she’s having a battle with the label or something.

  14. Katy Perry had hit after hit around that time of the interview. Now that I’m starting to understand how the industry works, I can’t put all the blame on her for how she is now. Also, I read something about her lineage, so that also played a part in it too. It’s really disappointing to know that some of these artists’ music can go downhill just by getting MK’d. They don’t know who they they are anymore.

    Woooooow I’ve seen that MJ picture before and now it makes so much sense now. It makes me think they deliberately let him burn when he did that Pepsi commercial(?) correct I’m wrong, I’m young lol

    Off topic: I’m getting vibes that those “body snatches” might be coming for Kanye next, this year….I dunno man, seems like he’s trying to save himself before it happens but at the same time, he’s trying to not let it happen

    1. The Katy interview is around the fact she glitches on stage and gets taken out like a limp rag. And MJ is the 1st one I thought of before seeing the pic which now has a deeper meaning now learning this.

    1. I feel like they keep a balance on the ratchet and a list celebs because of drugs and what they are willing to do

  15. I’m confused as to how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were each other’s handlers if they were both under MK Ultra? I thought handlers were not allowed to be under MK Ultra?

  16. I literally said “Nooooo!” when I read the porcelain doll part. That’s basically MJ in a nutshell and it’s so sad.

  17. Wowww.. thank you for really shedding light on this topic. Keep up the great content, stay safe sis. 🙏🏾

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