October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Hot Takes Jan 1 2020

  1. That Nick Gordon bit reminds me of what Orlando Brown said in that interview about Prince. Did he sell his soul?

      1. What did he sell his soul for?? Wat did he do besides become Whitney’s “god son” then Bobbi’s bf??? Sing..Rap?? Wat did he do??? Or he did it because he had to because of who he was around/with in the industry because they sold their soul???? Lmk

      2. EricaCBH
        Just because you sell your soul doesn’t mean you want to be a singer/rapper. Business moguls, high paid tech guys, politicians etc… sell out all the time
        Nick might have been Kristina’s handler and they won’t have some regular guy off the street to do that. His net worth is -36 million so at some point he had a lot of money to blow through.

    1. Yellarose67
      Thank you so much! I forgot All about all the other shindigs he could’ve possibly been doing! And now that u said it i think He probably was Kristina’s handler!! It makes sense now!! Oh well guess either his guilt made him do the drugs and overdose or they did it for him!

      1. He knew a lot about Whitney and Krissi. They no longer needed him ( elites), so they got rid of him. Just my opinion

  2. I want this album out bad. She said several times 2019 the album was coming out….then nothing.

    I wonder why w/how successful Riri is now, Jay & them still are acting funny?

    I mean do they think she’s going to blindly trust them again after the 460 debacle that turned out to be the longest charted album on Billboard for a black woman?

    1. That’s just what happens when you sign a record deal….. The saying “The record label owns you” is real even some our favorites signed bad deals

  3. No disrespect to Eniko I don’t judge.. she not the only woman like this… but when you don’t have no job or career of your own not brining In any money.. men gonna do what they want to do cause they can in their mind she’s never gonna leave.. on another note she better do something cause Kevin might leave her, she better get another baby out of him or develop a brand.. kinda like how Lala did it 👀

    1. If this is true – they need to cancel all shows and so on iyanla’s couch. He’s been making clown moves for the last 2 years 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. I haven’t watched the Kevin Hart documentary yet… But the clips that are being highlighted by the public are definitely not helping his image. I wonder how much longer he has in the game. Happy New Year everyone!

    1. I’m bouta check YouTube, he always try to make tiny look as if she tripping and her feelings don’t matter

  5. I can see the meltdown now if Diddy comes out the closet. All the black men that look up to Diddy are gonna flip the script cause homophobia is REAL in the community. His kids are gonna be dragged for filth too (even though some people have already suspected His son Justin as being gay before). Ooo chile.

    Rihanna is so over music she probably want jay to just do the release of old tracks that didn’t make the cut but jay z ol controlling/bitter he ain’t smashing no more ass will give her more grief.

    Common using his common sense I see! Actually makes me sad that Serena dropped him for Drake like that. But hey then drake did what he did to her so that was her karma I guess.

    Cassie had a flashback to them dog collars and all that abuse (don’t forget the hair pulling) and said stay the hell away from dove killer lol I’m finally free!

    1. Yeah good for Common. You see how she conducts herself at her job on live tv imagine her as his baby mama.🤔 if something doesn’t go her way she’d have his business all in these streets. He needs someone low key like Kerry Washington

  6. Diddy coming out as gay or bi “oh my” in my Jess hilarious voice.
    What did Cassie post I missed it.
    What did TI do on his live and if Tiny don’t care what he do then neither should we 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Honestly if Diddy came out as gay or bisexual, it won’t do anything but confirm what a lot of people been saying over the years. Especially all those stories that are out there about him with other men. Maybe people will start to take stories about the industry more seriously.

  8. I liked T.I when he first came out. When he drop T.I vs TIP I saw nothing but arrogant. When he do all this “Woke” stuff All I see is hypocrite.

  9. Emiko met Kevin cheating so I’m not sure y she’s saying 3 strikes but any whoo. Why don’t Diddy come out and why is he crying to Cassie? Because he needs something else to destroy? I feel for RiRi this life is toxic.

    1. Eniko isn’t going anywhere…until she gets that 2nd baby that he doesn’t want to give her. That documentary doesn’t help Kevin’s image but he’s so damn arrogant, he won’t care. Tiny is a damn fool staying with TI. The ongoing disrespect over the years and he manages to make her feel guilty…she’s got Stockholm syndrome. As for Diddy, why is he calling Cassie? Let her be. Sarah is available, I’m sure.

  10. So are they about to find Kevin’s replacement or are these just humiliation rituals ? Comedians really don’t last too long….. Eniko is getting what she deserves she started the cycle…. I bet it ain’t fun now!

    Rihanna shouldn’t have resigned that deal with them….. She will be alright I’m sure . Guess Hassan can’t buy her out now she didn’t want to get out anyway….

    Fif definitely should chill because that’s a turn off….. Cut it out!

    Cassie did right. He doesn’t need to steal her happiness again.

    Angela ….. Yea nothing to say bout her that hasn’t already been said

    TI and Tiny both killing me ; TI should just leave Tiny since he’s that unhappy cause Tiny clearly won’t leave him …..

  11. Dang Eskimo why does she put up with chocolate drop mess? That doesn’t make sense
    Diddy should just come out don’t nobody want his booty pirate Hershey’s chocolates eating self
    And it’s sad about nick Gordon. Bobby escaped from that I guess it was his prerogative

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