October 4, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Monday Pink and Treach

  1. Ch was that first album about Treach? Especially the single “There you go” & “Most Girls.” Still that first album is all my favorite Pink songs

  2. I ain’t gonna lie though..looking at that picture of them, my first thought was..I bet they had some hot ass sex together!

  3. My late ass is just now realizing that the emojis underneath the story are for us to rate the topic as well !! 😩😩 🤓 lol I’m like ooohhhhh lol I thought it was advertising lol… but anywho, good read. It was a detailed excerpt of what led up to pep putting paws on pink. I remember u briefly telling us before that pep had handled pink, but I thought it was bc her n Treach was still married…Pep was wild… but hey, she was still in too deep even after the divorce cuz they was still smashing! U ain’t hittin shit again if u gave me a divorce! We already have to answer to God, 🖕🏾that. If it’s officially over it’s over!! 🖕🏾 Who u fuck afterwards …

    1. Exactly..we done, we DONE. I’m not wasting my time checking your penis or its Milage once we are divorced.

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