September 26, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The New York Train Abduction part 2

  1. See I left New York a couple years ago. It was normal, very normal for me to sleep on the train and the bus after a long day. I would travel all types of hours at different points of my life on the train and bus. Having to leave my house 3am in Brooklyn to get to the Bronx by 6am, then I took a job in Manhattan and it was me leaving at 4am, it’s not easy sometimes. But I wasn’t always the most careful. I never had my headphones on and if I did I always acted like I was talking to someone (with one headphone in) so that people would think twice and say “if I tried to snatched her she’s on the phone”… what’s crazy is I now live in the DMV area which has one of the highest rates of trafficking, they even talk about it on the radio. This stuff really makes me think about all of those times I could’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time, BUT GOD! Give Him all the praise and glory, because I swear one night a man was really trying me. When I told him I was meeting my boyfriend on the next couple blocks (I was lying) I couldn’t even see where this man disappeared to so quick. Be safe folks.

  2. I just bought a taser and mase. I’ve been thinking about doing Lyft for the longest time because you never know what could happen when you’re driving too. Days are getting scarier by the minute. You gotta be reallllyyy mindful when leaving the house

    Shout out to The Bronx. lol I love visiting NY, I meet the most interesting people there

  3. Shit just so scary cause when i went To NY i was Scared shitless!! Had Never been on a train or subway and even tho i was With my husband i was Still scared af!! Scared in them towers scared waking around just being a tourist man i couldnt Even enjoy myself i was So scared looking around trynna watch everything and everybody!

    1. Same..the times I have visited NY, I was scared asf..especially when I had to ride the trains. The city has always terrified me, although I know the great people outweigh the bad..I guess I’ve just seen too many movies and heard too many stories.

  4. Thanks for this post. I love how the street team got together and beat his ass. We need more of that so they know not to mess with our children.

    1. Right – that’s the part of NY I love. Even the man from the day before who yelled, “get the f* off of her!”

      There’s grimey people there for sure but a lot of people will look out for you.

  5. i always got my knife on me. my daughters have knives&mace. i had to get on both of them about walking around with headphones on with their face in a book on the train. be ready at ALL times!

    1. EXCELLENT TIPS!!! My dad drilled into us to always be aware of your surroundings so much that it’s 2nd nature to us. Stay alert y’all!

  6. Thanks for this story. Being from the Bronx, my hubby and I knew this was real after watching the video. He was very visible so his address was posted on Facebook before he could even change his clothes. Glad the streets and the cops caught this creep! NY is scary but the rules above apply anywhere in the world.

  7. We live in scary times. No matter where you are, you must be alert. I know it can be hard at times, but it is a must. These human traffickers are no joke.

  8. The tips definitely need to be spread around because the sex traffickers and perverts are getting bolder and more aggressive!

  9. I think chinese Kitty baby really is J Cole son. Crazy resemblance to his baby pics. Cute kid, cute mom. It be those woke rappers. When will we realize they all human just like us.

  10. Even people you know, please be aware of your surroundings. I worked as security in a bank and I was at the bus stop and a regular customer drove by asking if I needed a ride. I didn’t know him like that and told him no thank you. There was traffic behind him and he drove off. When I got to work, he came in around 10am and threw a fit about me not accepting the ride and was saying things like “you think I’m gonna do something to you?”. That off the back scared me because he has an attitude and then says something like that? So occasionally, I took different ways home so I can Ben aware if I’m being followed by an everyday schedule. Please be safe of those you don’t know and even familiar faces.

  11. The girl made a video saying she knew the guy. That he had tried to talk to him and she turned him down.

  12. This article didnt give me too much of any information I didnt know. I would have like to have known the real “why”, who he worked for, etc. please have more information next time. This should have only been one part…you should have just put the video, and then that this was real, not telling us all again what happen when almost all of us already saw the video. I love this blog, but I think this story could have been done better, or not at all.

  13. It’s the Bronx, crazy shit like that happens often on the train. You’d be surprise at what you can witness on the train. That’s crazy for sure, but I’ve seen crazier things. Yeah he got his ass beat, but they need to keep that same energy when other things are happening around them that they witness. In all honesty he seems kinda slow, mental issues. NYC is a bugged out place. I done seen too much in these streets.

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