October 5, 2022

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25 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Gucci Mane and Keshia Ka’oir

    1. I believe it! I’ll never forget when he sucka punched that rapper lady he used to mess wit, on stage in front of everybody!!! 😬😬😬 she got on camera after it happened saying she still love and got Love for him!! 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ He was always reckless

  1. Damn Gucci…you buying houses for your side chicks, but fighting child support increases for your disabled son? Wow. I dont know why, but somehow none of this tea surprises me at ALL

  2. People REALLY thought Gucci was faithful 😂? If you believe that I got a pig that can fly😂😂. I am sorry I never took that marriage serious. I got to give it to him though, at least he was low key for as long as he could be.

  3. I knew Keyshia had to be poppn that lil cooch and she shoulda known he was gonna cheat after everybody knowing about Gotti!!

  4. Offtopic…miley said her family is dysfunctional lol its funny because I Ain’t know it was all of those siblings I thought it was just her and her lil sister no wonder she be tripping.

  5. I believe it Gucci been out there messing around. I never thought he will get marry. Can somebody tell me how old is keyshia.

  6. I feel like 2020 is going to be more hectic/messy for all of the entertainers. People are ready to sink ships for the payoff and the clout.

  7. Well damn, either she knows about it and is cool with it or he has been really trying to not make his skeletons come out the closet

  8. Can’t wait until this all comes to light. These stupid pigeons been looking for a couple to idolize since they found out Jay Z cheated from Lemonade, of course normal people with brains already knew he cheated and IS cheating. Now once this comes out full force, who will the pigeons admire now? No celebrity couple is my goals!!!!!!! They stay making dumb ass memes about holding each other down like Keyshia did Gucci, and the like. Sickudese dummies.

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