October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/30/19

  1. I would love to kno about the whole Jersey Shore cast cause them kids is krazy and funny too!

    Idk Kevin just dnt do it for me no more🙄
    Cam Newton is fine but he seems a bit maybeeee fruity🥴
    And someone said on the other post that Keke is weird to them or something like that and i feel The same way I’m always side eyeing her it’s just sum about her that has been rubbing me the wrong way too! Idk she just something 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Kevin whyyyy you keep cheating on your little ribblet?
    Snooki what are you doing?
    Who is cupcake
    Nooo not my baby Quincy and keke where’s trey songs?
    I thought Sharon Stone had some kids?
    Any ray j and princess tea?

  3. So thats cupcakke she look like a whole other person.

    Lol cuz Emily b aint ready to leave fab he doing judt what she wants him too do

    So where are snookie children?

  4. So snooki and her husband split? Cupcake looks a whole lotta different.
    You never hear about Quincy dating any girls? How come?

  5. If you’re from Jersey everyone knows Whitney been on coke. (I’m from Newark) my mom told me this years ago like it wasn’t a secret everyone knew.

  6. Lmao pause still out in LA? So is Snooki posting old pictures/videos making it seem seem like she’s home? Correct me if I’m wrong

    Work all your life but can’t find the time to find someone? Soooo they really approved that 24
    Year old for Madonna….I’m disgusted

    I feel like every time Kevin cheats or something happens to him, a documentary drops. But yeeeeaaaaah I can see them being Kobe/Vanessa in that aspect; heal like wolverine when that money long

  7. Cam Cam Cam – you’ve got 4 kids under the age of 5 by Kia but you don’t wanna get married. Well hope that contract you signed a few years back last because child support will be a BEAST!

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