October 2, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/28/19

  1. The words of a wise hoe said one time these hoe’s ain’t loyal
    And Kevin gaycey will have to answer to God for all this nasty stuff he’s doing
    And I still don’t know what Kylie seen in ashy crusty dusty chapped lips Reptar I mean travis

  2. Travis thought Kylie was going to treat him like Tyga. Kylie can afford to lay up, Travis handle your own business. Surprised by Kendall but hey… Snoop know he too damn old to be blown up on ig like that lmaooo. Once Jeannie started talking about giving Jeezy head in the car and his dick game she played herself. Lets see this play out *grabs popcorn*

  3. I don’t blame travis honestly lol alot of girls just want to lay up and spend their dude’s money and when he doesn’t have anymore their done lol maybe not in their cases but hey.

    Snoops wife needs to just dip he doesn’t treat her right reminds of ti in a way smh.

    1. Snoop just never have been attractive to me looking just like his name….a dam dog!! I was always wondering why his wife continued to stay with him! She been stupid for a long time

      1. 😂😂😂 I feel like with him and Jay Z they were both decent looking when they were younger, preferably the 90s early 2000s, but as they got older the little bit of looks they did had faded away😏😏😎

  4. Hey G – a question about the Kevin Spacey thing; are there some people that the elites will always protect/help cover up for because they know TOO much? The deaths of his accusers have me wondering why Kevin is so important to them. (Assuming that he is part of the elite and all that darkness). He hasn’t worked much lately. You would think it might be better to just let him go down rather than cover up for him. I wonder…

  5. Snoopy dog is truly a dog. He been cheating on his wife for years. Is jeannie pregnant. These blog on YouTube keep saying she is. Kevin Spacey need to go to hell soon. We will killed more people and get a way with it.

  6. Snoop has been cheating on his wife since high school so she already knew the deal, but with Kat Stacks 2.0 is nasty🤮 I knew dang well Jezzy wasn’t into ol girl. She’s sprung, he’s just trying out a new flavor🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. I heard about the 3rd DEAD Kevin Spacey victim/witness and instantly thought the Elites are up to their old tricks, smh.

    Snoop’s wife has put up with his cheating for YEARS. I mean they have been together since High School. She probably just hit her breaking point. I don’t think I could stick around that long but ,hey 💁. Do what you gotta do girl.

    That goes to show Travis clearly didn’t know the person he laid up with and had a CHILD with…smh. Those Kardashian girls don’t “work” the way most of us do in a traditional sense. Their social media accounts do all the heavy lifting. They make all the money pushing/promoting their products and others on those formats and make their money. That is why she can be “laid up”. If you wanted a worker bee Travis, shoulda went after another girl.

    Speaking of the Kardashian crew, look at Kendall with the most Instagram earnings. How did she out do Kylie? Interesting.

    Yep “splitting up” news won’t be a shock with Jeezy/Jeannie Mai. It looks like a “come up/I wanna have fun” relationship.

  8. I’m shocked that Kendall is the highest earning IG person. She doesn’t make any noise, in my opinion, but that might be because I don’t follow any of them or what they do but Kim and Kylie always seem to pop. Kendall not so much.

    I’ve felt bad for Snoop’s wife for a long time but Celina Powell is just down right disrespectful and a huge slap in the face. Foul af to say the least.

    Jeezy and Jeannie look forced af too. It doesn’t even seem like he’s into her period. I feel bad for her.

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