October 5, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Exclusive Sugar Damon Dash Sexual Assault Case. Female suing for 50 million dollars

    1. That probably was a petty amount to request. If she allegedly slept with Lyor, I bet he has something to do with this. Further embarrassment and draining of whatever money dame has left.

  1. So she was going to continue to keep quiet if she did have a show smh so sad and pathetic.. I dont feel sorry for him.. when you mess with them beckys that’s what usually happens 99.9% of the time.. oh well Nextttttt

  2. Damn Dame needs to get it together. He gotta be smoking some strong stuff if he think he still got the pull he had back in the gap.

  3. I swear Dame was the OG definition of Cap before Cap became a thing to say! His pride won’t allow him to say what we already know which is he is DAMN NEAR/ IF NOT ALREADY BROKE. I get Jay and Lyor snaked him out of his company but dang! Keeping up this charade ain’t helping nothing if anything it’s making it worst. You can’t beat either of them (unfortunately) and plus your karma is coming back to bite you in the ass so either swallow ya pride and ask for help from somebody that is willing to do it, or exit the industry and do something else. Honestly I think his only good option left is to leave and get work outside of music (if Lyor hasn’t blocked any other ventures for him).

  4. yall were wrong on this one. Damon didn’t rape her . We shouldn’t be spreading rumors like this bc we dont like him. Afterall she didn’t go to the police.

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