October 4, 2022

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58 thoughts on “Hoe Tails The Secret Smash Sessions You Never Knew About 12/26/19

  1. I damn near threw my phone at the wall when I read Quincy Jones and Keke Palmer…that better be a muhfuggin typo!!! That old ass pedodamnphile.

    Somewhere in the back of my brain, I remember the Keith Sweat and Patti LaBelle rumors..wasnt this back in like the 90’s?

    Al B and Danielle Staub? What an odd freakin coupling?

  2. Lawd please let it be Quincy Brown. Because y’all gotta give a whole post dedicated to that story if it’s Jones.

  3. Keke and Quincy Jones ewwwwwwwsw are y’all sure y’all not talking about Quincy Brown as in Al B Sure son raised by Diddy Kim Porter son

  4. G, did you see that a 2nd accuser of Kevin Spacey’s has died? I wonder if the elite are “helping” him out…

  5. If it’s the club in NYC it’s “NELLS”. That place was the shit!!! Live Reggae band upstairs. Hip Hop downstairs!!! What memories.

      1. You can tell when it happened on the show because she switched up quick. Then he had her doing photo shoots when they were still in the audition process.

  6. I hope the ALLEGEDLY applies to the KeKe Palmer and Quincy Jones story. I hope the “Jones” was suppose to be “Brown”????? As in Diddy/Kim Porter/Al B Sure’s son. If not, MAJOR YUCK

  7. Rosie Perez done had them cheeks clapped plenty o times but expect us to believe Pac never smashed lol girl please!

    Quincy Jones yuck 🤢 but I think I heard that before. Poor KeKe to have to experience his wrinkled ass on top of her. He probably initiated her.

  8. Patti and keith sweat 🤯🤯 nev would have put them together. Mary and rick and khloe..and yes i hope u mean diddy son quincy and keke. Wow

  9. Damn Mary sucked alot of loser dicks in the day smdh. Now I screamed “Pattyyyyyyyyyyyy” when her and Keith got down I can’t believe it woooow. Ugh Quincy pisses me off as soon as I stop sitting on his face he do this shit #thegagis

  10. I was eating some Mac n Cheese from Chic Fil A when I read the Quincy Jones and KeKe Palmer….and now Ill never look at Mac n Cheese the sane way again….🤢🤮….Mary truly loved a street nigga and thug dick hopefully now nearing fifty she’s learned her lesson….Aaron Hall is rumored to have an Anaconda and a heavy hand when it comes to the ladies….Yes Diddy has apparently smashed your favorite female and (allgedly) male stars in all areas of entertainment….I guess Spinderella wanted to take a spin on Big Daddy’s Kane….heard from a back in the day groupie he truly luved up to his name….and Patti Labelle popping the P on Keith Sweats whining ass 😂🤣😅

  11. Quincy Jones is such a creep🤦🏽‍♀️ and why am I not surprised at Aubrey and Diddy? No wonder they have it out for each other

  12. Quincy and Keke?? I hope it’s not the old fart Quincy ya’ll talking about. If so, VOMIT! I will not look at her the same again.
    Diddy slings his dick anywhere so I am not surprised at his hoetails.. nothing new or exciting
    Rosie must ‘love threesomes. This ain’t the first threesome she’s done. She got it on with a lot of black dudes but married a white man
    I know a groupie that fucked big daddy Kane. He is a freak I heard
    Honestly, I would fuck Rick Fox if I had a chance as well, He is one sexy ass dude to me. He probably had a rough night to bang Khloe Kardashian of all people

    Get it Patty!!

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