October 5, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Word Has It

  1. I swear I thought sauces was side dips and I was thinking G out here living her best life lol, like her side dips are the truth.

  2. And joe had the nerve to go on queen radio trying to get on Nicki about her pill usage like he ain’t out here doing his dirt his damn self but we been knew. If I was nicki I would’ve blasted his ass right back on queen radio just like she blasted Miley. F*** what Mona STOP got to say smfh with her true culture vulture ass. Surprised she didn’t try to exploit it for ratings like she exploit everything else.

  3. Joe is a mess. He’s tried hard to show that he’s “cleaned” up his image, but if you listen closely it’s obvious he hasn’t changed a bit.

  4. It’s a shame you have to place that caveat underneath the “sources/sauces” image. Folks need to take the sticks out their butts. It tickles me every time lol

    Anyway, Joe has a history of both laying hands on women and has admitted to relapsing a few times with the drugs. I wouldn’t doubt this for a second. If I recall correctly Tahiry is like the only ex who says he never put hands on her and she’s the one with a temper hotter than his.

    1. Well , I definitely believe it cuz Joe has a track record for hitting women just ask Esther Baxter he made her miscarriage their baby .and I have to side eye Cyn cuz she a f#%king snake she went behind her ex best friend yaris Sanchez back and started fucking Joe. Yaris confided to cyn about her problems with joe only to have cyn be with him in the end. So yea that Cyn ‘s Karma

  5. Joe gets on my damn nerves, he thinks he knows it all and is above everyone. That crackhead needs to lower his voice and mind the business that pays him 🙄

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