October 2, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Rappers Keep Getting Caught By Celina Powell The New Kat Stacks

  1. These rappers are idiots. The girl’s twat can’t be that lit to risk being “exposed”. “Exposed” by a chic who appears to not be able to say her ABCs, let alone comprehend a basic sentence… How tragic.

  2. Dang she straight up said she exposes these dudes almost for fun and they STILL go to her. They deserve all the embarrassment! And it’s no shock that Snoop ass prowling young IG Models he wanna be in his prime again so bad smfh. I chuckle when she said she not a prostitute lol but the girl really is pretty she just never had any guidance in life.

    1. I stopped liking his ass too especially after he kept coming for kanye but on the low want to smash any of the k’s if they let him.

  3. Wait he is married to thalia???? Whaaaaaat i never knew omg she is BIG in the latin industry makes sense she is kept and was a diva also

  4. I’m from the same city as her. Nobody gives her any play here. Lol. She’s avoided like the plague. She isn’t attractive and has the body of a prepubescent boy. Homegirl wants shine at any costs… Smh…

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