October 2, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/25/19

  1. Wow I feel so bad for Lil Mo! To have your own husband spit on you AND pour hot tea biittttccchhhh that nigga would’ve been dead! Ain’t no mfcken way you disrespecting me to that extent and you get away with it, I will kill a nigga and that’s on my momma!

  2. I’m from Philly and lil mo has been warned about that man many times. Why would you wanna be with a man that doesn’t take care of the children he had before you. I don’t feel sorry for lil mo. I wish Cardi B and offset go away, I would be mad if my child was calling another woman mom/ummi as well and Jlo sit your old ass down somewhere.

  3. Drake is a clown if you ask me

    Swiss beats and alicia are annoying where the bm they were sharing

    Poor cardi the house is nice but i think she didn’t put her foot down with offset enough. She gave in to easy

  4. Lil Mo has been through so much with that dude I have lost count. I just know that she has been married 3-4 times and every time she marries, she ends up divorcing because the men are trash. The fact she keeps picking losers is the problem. Mo needs to sit single and still and figure out why she is drawn to men who are trash. Sad even more is that she has all those kids, who have been through all these losers with her. Chile, the therapy those kids will need.

    Swizz and Alicia bring the drama on themselves. Alicia can still be kind and loving to the child while being called “Ms Alicia”. The girl’s biological mother is alive and present in her life. She has made it clear she doesn’t like Alicia being called “mom”… Respect that. Some women don’t mind, some women do. The UK chic does. Respect her. And the cop out with the girl calling Alicia “mom”, all they have to say to the little girl is , ” no honey, just call me Ms A.” Or something like that. I swear people be going beyond with this blended family biz in 2019. Making things harder than it needs to be.

  5. Rob needs a regular lowkey business woman that doesnt need the spotlight. Someone he can start and run companies with and live happily ever after. Fame and celebrity does not work well for him. His best bet would be to use whatever business knowledge he gained from USC and create a new life for himself and Dream.

  6. Yea I was watching the vids she posted on her ig of the crib. Beautiful mansion! He has to emphasize “ man cave, don’t come down here “. I’m like yup, that’ll b where he sneak his hoes in! 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ Big ass mansion, she won’t even notice he can say he not there , whole time he at the other end of the crib thottin & boppin!! Smh. These dog ass niggas never change… Hopefully new house and new year he’ll carry a different tune, on top of getting new endeavors for income to keep up wit the crib cuz migos ain’t it no mo!

  7. I thought something was up about the comment she made on IG stories, I had a feeling she wasnt joking.

    I want Cardi and Offset to go away already. I’m sick of seeing people post them as goals knowing damn well they are a contract couple. Shit, I’m sick of all the contract relationships as a whole. Saweetie & Quavo, Tori Brixx & Rich the Kid look so forced. I’m glad they dropped Meg & MoneyBag, that one was just fucking odd.

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