October 5, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Decipher Songs With Hidden Messages You Did Not Know

    1. Be careful with some of the gospel music because according to G, some of them are down with the same stuff as secular music.

      1. FACTS!!! A lot of gospel music is watered down to match these watered-down sermons. They reuse secular music to put a gospel spin on it but nearly everyone knows the original song and are thinking of those secular lyrics.

  1. Ellie Goulding has always given me weird vibes and this song turned me totally off from her. Now I know what the song is about I’m happy I stayed away.
    This just proves you have to use discernment for entertainment purposes.

  2. Dang everyone was doing the Nae Nae too especially the children smh. And now that dude is a one hit wonder we don’t care about anymore smh

    I figured JB’s Purpose had some different meanings behind it but damn it’s a really beautiful song smh. You can also tell by the talking he does at the end where he says he knows this is wrong and everyone is telling him it’s wrong but he’s gonna do it anyway…talking bout riding with Lucy.

    I knew off tops Weeknd’s Can’t feel my face was about full blown drugs cause he a open cokehead with it lol. Anybody that thought he was just high off love is delusional lol

  3. I remember reading that Sting was saying how dark that song was and how it wasn’t a love song at all. I knew Weekend was talking about Coke lol.

  4. so you mean to tell me that the kids that created the “nae nae” had Satan in mind? they consciously created a dance to welcome Satan into their hearts?

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