October 4, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Mansion Party Tea In Case You Missed it

  1. Diddy and Cassie
    Not sure about the hollywood mansion party
    Diddy and same sex
    TI and Rihanna
    Who is the couple that’s together now? I’m lost on that one

  2. Ok G I know the PR that sniff coke n licked it off was
    you n Shemar Moore
    The dog walker was DIDDY N CASSIE
    KNOW IT ALL TI & Rihanna
    I remember all these but WHO SUPERMAN WIFE?

      1. I’m thinking Karyn White as well, but who was Superman?

        And who is the male R&B singer that had unfortunate circumstances in 2018?

    1. I am guessing Al B sure and some R&b star, He re-surfaced for a minute after Kim Porter died in 2018…I could be wrong but that is who popped in my mind

  3. I can’t wait until the reveal- lol the only one I can guess is Diddy and Cassie…but yikes!! He was so disrespectful to her- idk how she stayed so long… he really walked her like a dog…

  4. Aaron Hall & Gloria Valez
    Diddy & Cassie
    Christina Milian and Damian Hall
    Wifey you are hell! LOL! At least it was with Shemar.

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