October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/22/19

  1. Poor Britney why can’t her mom do anything and why are they doing this to her? Did she sell out
    And that’s what you get Miley had a good man
    Nasty grandma Madonna I feel for her boyfriend
    Dwayne we don’t care that you and gabby get down
    He was born with a penis so that makes him a boy where’s his mom? And where’s that baby’s real mom
    That baby looks nothing like gabby

  2. Whoooo! That DWade son’s birth certificate and death certificate sentence took me out. I actually got chills. Because that’s a fact that the rainbow community cannot deny. Great job!!!

  3. People do hate on DWYANE Wade son and people like him. He ain’t making nothing up. Sabrina is actually Idris’s wife.

  4. I do not feel bad for Miley. Thank god Liam woke the fuvk up with that one!!! Hmmmm 50 and Jay interesting to see how that play out.

  5. I feel so sad with how they have handled Britney. She doesn’t deserve this and I wish they would let her be
    Dwayne wade is a weirdo
    I hope to not hear that Idris and Taylor had something going on

  6. Idris Elba married is now wife earlier this year. I’m not surprised Taylor being friendly with good looking black men. I think her lover’s video may have some truth to some kind of romance we don’t know about. There was a rumor years ago before she went Pop that she had a fling with B.o.B. during the time they collaborated on a song together.

    Taylor should close her mouth and start working more smartly and quiely to get her music catalog.

    Never really been a fan of Madonna. She trying to date younger men will not stop her getting older and she should start embracing it. Look at Cher she doesn’t look her age they are both in same age bracket and she doesn’t go around doing the most trying to date these yonger men.

    I really feel bad for Brittany. Such a talent gone to waste by greedy people who should have had her back the most. Disgusting.

  7. I don’t think Nicki was ever really over the situation with Miley because she was so quick to disrespect her again when Miley didn’t even say anything bad about her

  8. I’m feeling that prediction that Jay will take Omari places financially that 50 couldn’t. As far as roles? I don’t know because Ghost has become his signature so far. If he’s going to go that route he better think of some good, promising shit but I love the idea of that. Omari sho won’t complain as long as he’s employed and connected to such a name, AND be one degree separated from Bey? LOL. He was in the Family Feud vid, he’d some up for something bigger in a heartbeat.

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