October 4, 2022

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51 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everyone 12/21/19

      1. That one shocked me too! I always have gotten lesbian vibes from Keke. Or maybe bi but heavily leaning toward lesbian..sort of like Teyana

  1. I always wondered what happened to Josh Hartnett. Makes sense why he disappeared then I saw him come back with some shows.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Amanda Seales! I like her but she is desperate and thirsty. I don’t think The Real is the best move, I give it 1 year tops

  2. Britney Murphy…man sad sad sad…i remember that movie she played on i forgot the name of it but when she was killed idk y it was soooooo eerie to me like it happened in real life then BOOM she died smh so sad

  3. Chris isn’t wasting any time. Ole girl has dropped that baby and it is on to the next. Let me stop, it was probably on to the next while that girl was pregnant.

      1. Yes this ☕️ is piping hot!!! I always had a crush on Josh Hartnett lol I wondered what happened to him. Keke..and YG…Quincy super fine I woulda just stayed with him!! And please expose Diddy I keep telling people he gay and to look at the video with Kevin Hart and Usher..but oh well..what’s done in the dark comes to the light.

  4. Loni Love is already playing the angry black woman in The Real with all her comments lately. They really don’t need Amanda.

  5. P booty men are about to get him good
    Josh harnett didn’t he marry that beautiful black girl
    Chris better stop cheating on me
    YG is a hoe
    Dang I thought iggy was finally gonna get her ever after
    These hoe’s ain’t loyal

  6. I remember fans saying drake and Rihanna were at the same hotel around his birthday. She probably gave him some coochie but dating again? That’s a major step like I said with Adonis now here.

    Well dang Keke that slipped under my radar forsure lol

    Iggy it should be DISGUSTING that your man was smashing a underage girl before Embarrassing! Hollywood man smh

    Amanda Seales is mad annoying and they probably trying to take the angry role off of Loni. But Amanda is angry so the role is fitting. All she does is spew negativity. Looks like I’ll have to keep skipping clips with her in it, and if she stays permanently then I won’t be watching.

  7. Keke be odl wit it!! I’m still mad she was fucken on my ex husband Meek a couple years ago!! I’m glad we broke up 😤 lol
    And that’ll be some foul shit if Ariana go “ hanging out” wit ASAP cuz she was just trynna put her friend on!! I hate birches like that… but I’m sure Aiko is rooting for the two lol

  8. G,

    Can you cover what’s going on with these celebrity nude leaks? Are they really the celebs (Steph Curry, ASAP, Dababy) or are they fakes? Who is behind the leaks? Why are they being leaked? Is this a humiliation ritual?

  9. I hear allegedly that Britney was poisoned purposely. She died from it then her husband. But mama lived with her and didn’t get “sick” from what killed them. Wonder why huh?

  10. “Give Hartmett that boost but he has refused” what does that mean? Who is Gary Nolan? Do you mean Christopher Nolan?

  11. Whew G! This was hot, girl! Keke had some of Quincy?! I don’t know why I’m obsessed with that man. And then Channing cheating, I am not mad at that. He had literally just gotten out of a marriage and then jumped into a whole relationship. That girl should have known. I don’t know why people jumped from something serious into something else right away. Give yourself a break!

    And getting Amanda Seales for The Real… I started out watching, but they lost me long ago. I can’t stand Amanda. So now I have even more of a reason to never turn to that dry-ass show. And then making her out to be the angry black woman is right up her alley. She’ll be talking about them next like she does everybody else on the whole live stream on Instagram. They better watch her if they’re smart.

  12. I see u been watching Gene Deal reveal Biggie thoughts on the other artists lol.

    OAN does Meek have a baby otw wit Milano? She revealed a stomach tonight at her fashion show

    How u think Nicki gna feel of Meek is the bd?

  13. See I knew KeKe was fucking with Quincy awhile back because they was on a boat together all over each other. But YG???! No clueeeee!! Go girlllll!! But she ain’t that low now we know. Hahaha.

    1. 😮😮I had no idea about any of this. This had to been back in like 2015 when they both did that movie Brotherly Love together. That was also around the time she kept openly flirting with Tia’s husband and Tia had to check her😂😂😂

  14. Amanda Seales being on The Real will be a train wreck. She’s already shown she will voice her opinion before getting all of the facts and will make it about her, when it’s not (her accusing Myron Rolle of sexual harassment, when he wasn’t interested in her). Then there’s the “incident” she created at Issa Rae’s publicists party…that she wasn’t invited to but felt entitled to be there. This won’t end well.

  15. Idk why but Keke irks me. Something about her spirit and energy doesn’t sit right with me which is weird since I don’t know her but something feels off about her.

  16. I’m behind on the blog bc of work G! But they just announced Amanda annoying ass on the real lol you’re never wrong my love

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