September 30, 2022

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28 thoughts on “ICYDK The Darkside of The Industry. The Boogeyman and Whitney’s last Night Part 2

  1. I will never forget when Gaga first blew up. I’m talking after paparazzi, love games, and other songs. She did a performance and incorporated a blood sacrifice. It was weird asf and never sat well with me. Stopped listening from then on smh……all up in our faces!!!

    1. Totally agree! I remember watching her music videos and being so weirded out by it. Then it kinda got worse when she developed that other persona of hers. She always had this empty and vacant look about her too! And if that’s not enough her character on American Horror Story was even more disturbing 😩

  2. So does anybody know wat happened with Gaga and Vince Herbert?? Or wateva his name is…i thought It was said that he discovered her and if so was he her handler at the time or who was??? Was Vince Tamar handler too??? That’s something for me to think about 🤔 i really Never thought about any of this until now tho…how Tamar almost died or was it that they did something to her that time??? Same with Vince cause he ended up in the hospital too almost dying! When all of that was going on i was Still “sleep” but now that I’m “woke” I’m thinking about a lot now with The Braxton’s, Vince, and Gaga!!

      1. Yes like Vince and Tamar went thru sum shit being sick and bout to die then how she left him and downsized tremendously from the house they lived in to that small apartment! I kno She was embarrassed! The way her mom used to talk about how he used to beat Tamar and how mean he is! Man i wanna hear more bout them and wth is Vince big/small ass at anyway??? He just got ghost all of the sudden!

  3. That was very informative and confirms that everything I’ve researched is true. I believe everything you said. Everything that is happening in the world is connected which is depopulation for a new world by using these evil forces

  4. That’s soo weird bc for Gaga to push the agenda that hard and have all that symbolism and such, y she been played out since her Telephone days ??? Akon nor Vincent Herbert has managed her and she hasn’t released music. Atleast to my knowledge. It’s like they used her to embarrass Brittney during her award and i never heard of her again. 🤷🏾‍♀️
    But this was a good read. Set up like it was a research paper for school lol 👍🏽

  5. My bf and I talk about this all the time! So much brainwash and people actually think they aren’t being affected. I actually take breaks from music and I don’t have cable to watch shows and I don’t let my kids watch certain things.

  6. This just brought more clarity……. satan was the high priest of music in heaven …….. it all goes back to the Bible

  7. My mom said the same thing about the entertainment industry years ago, about how satanic it was. She mainly spoke about Chaka Khan and Earth Wind and Fire, and about Chaka Khan levitating on stage. I remember being sought after to model at the age of 14 and my mom said hell no. I see why now.

    1. Same here I went to casting calls got call backs but was never able to make them an angel was watching out for me

    2. As a child, I was on the audition circuit. But, my dads always pulled me out of certain castings. I resented him for yes for it till I found this page. Thanks to G and the whole team, she’s awakening people. Spoke to my dad and he said they were sick and lustful for kids. Apologized to my dad because he was just protecting me from the sickos. Smh.. you never know what’s saving you…

  8. This was too good. If you haven’t already, can you also talk about that drummer that accused Giselle of witchcraft? I believe her!!

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