October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 12/18/19

  1. I knew it was something about that damn Pee…well you already told us how he treat the migos. But to beat your own mom you going in the lake of fire.

    1. How do he treat lil baby since that’s the label fave artist right now? And the city girls cuz caresha seems like she can handle all the ghetto stuff. Jt seem unsure now

      1. First off i couldnt Have gotten on live and did that prayer like that! Nope not me! And chile Pee sum kinda ugly with that hella big ass nose he got! I hate The name Caresha 😩🤣 but where has a beautiful ass baby! That baby is sooooooo pretty!!! Wat has JT been saying to make u say she seems unsure now???

      2. Im sorry but I don’t like when people record theirself praying. I just think some stuff should be between that person and the heavenly father.

  2. Camilla’s album already flopped – only 50k w/ tour bundles plus $5.99 discounted price and not even 100k w/ streaming. Epic Records can’t be pleased. The girl’s tour is already on the brink of being canceled, so this racism exposure might get her dropped if it goes mainstream enough this go around.

  3. That Lira a P situation is messy. He has the eyes of a woman beater, I Believe her but I also believe SOME things he is saying. JR Smith is a man who play for the NBA not sure why people are acting surprised by his actions. Maybe because of what they went through with the sick baby. don’t know this Camilla person and even if I did she would be cancelled as of now.

  4. I believe P hits women and Lira is a druggie. Both are bad. You knew JR wouldn’t be faithful, it’s just not in him to be at this time. I would never understand the attraction of athletes to women who are looking for real relationships. They are for a good time and not for a long time.

  5. JR Smith been a cheater. The only surprise is he married anyone. As for Lira & Pee, they’re both telling on one another and I believe them both. Their daughter is the only victim.

  6. Everytime I see Camila Cabello’s name I think about how the Joe Budden podcast was tryin to say we should forgive and forget her little racist azz 🙄

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