October 4, 2022

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72 thoughts on “The Truth About Diddy’s 50th Party Being Over a Month Late

  1. Finally! Thanks G! I feel like Giselle is going to leave Jay. Like you said before she doesn’t need him anymore. Looks like they are sucking the life out one another smh….

    1. I hope she leaves his ass …. I had to fall back from her because of all the control she let him have over her smh

  2. Before i finish readididdy and jay always look like they’re ready to kiss and kim and giselle keeping it classy i like that.

    1. So giselle still fucking with usher😂😂she love those parties. She get to show out a lil before her dad stop it.

      1. Lmao she was like FINALLY! She was having the time of her life! Jay Z whole life flashed before his eyes while running to get her!

  3. When Bey finally decides to leave Jay, her personality will return. I noticed that too anytime Jay popped up while Bey was dancing she toned it down. Like bruh, “Mama GOTTA HAVE A LIFE TOO”…I feel bad for her at times.

  4. “I’m not into fake industry parties and fake agendas” – Nicki Minaj
    I’m glad she didn’t go. She has learned none of them really care about her. Why go mingle and be amongst them

      1. Nicki didn’t go because she ain’t into fake industry parties and fake agenda and she newly married and enjoying her private life. You’re insane if you think it had anything to do with cardi being there

  5. Jay makes me sick cause he thinks he better than everybody. I do feel bad for Bey however this is what sometimes happens when u marry someone way older than u. Jay know that even tho he a billionaire he ugly af and is very insecure I’m sure there are many times he feels too old and ugly.

    1. I was over his controlling ass when he was dating her but made her keep it silent. As if it was a privilege to be dating his unattractive self smh. G said the same thing when he was playing the fuck outta Aaliyah.

  6. Lol at MGK and G Eazy discussing Halsey’s cooch 😩 I don’t even know how Bey does it with Jay being that controlling and always popping up just as she’s about to have fun.
    I’m sorry but for this one I’m actually on Kanye and Kim’s side and this is something I would’ve never said had it not been for this blog- I was hard out a Bey&Jan fan😩

  7. Good post 👍👍. Nobody told Kanye to defend Beyonce. He was stupid for doing that. Had that girl ever shown him that kinda loyalty before? My guess is NO. Stop riding for people who show you that you are nothing more than business associates. With that being said, this is exactly what THIS party is. It is a nice party, but half of those people don’t give a damn about Diddy. Would roll pass him while he is starving in the streets. Stop celebrating life victories with “friends” who in reality are truly strangers to you. And as for Beyonce, just leave Jay already. Sheesh 😥!

  8. Beyoncé is definitely over her ugly husband. I can hear it now. “ Ewwww I hate him, I wish he stop following me”😂😂. I was in confusion about the nobodies being there, Alexis Sky & Ms Decordeon (the chic that lied and said LashaunMcCoy had his house robbed and her attacked).

  9. Yeah I think Bey might be looser once liquor is in her but for years people take pics and videos of her and spin it negatively so I can understand her controlling husband. He’s been doing this for years. It’s not just the lower people but he’s not trying to have anyone sell any videos of his wife. It was good that they were all cordial to each other because tensions was high, just by the pictures. How comes no one mentioned how weird and distant Parrell looks? He looks like how Kanye use to look after the hospital. Sigh 😔 I guess great story G I know more is to come bc this party stirred the pot.

  10. So Chris wasn’t in attendance but Karrueche was? Is Diddy managing her now? I remember you said a big executive was after her, is it Diddy?
    Kae seems to be around diddy more lately, Ciroc jobs and all.
    She also moved to NY plus Kae unfollowed her company electric republic and her manager Jacob York.. I think you guys where right.. She must have taken the deal , she looked sad in the off guard pictures, with post Malone and danileigh

    1. Wait. What deal I’m confused, I thought she moved to be closer to Victor since he’s stealing cheating and his child lives in New Jersey.

  11. Is dani an industry plant? It seems like everyone knows her and she getting pushed majorly.. also I thought Rihanna didn’t like Diddy? Because of a incident that happen at his house during the cb thing in 09’? And what was the thing that happen that you said you’d discuss a little more 👀

    1. Her ass shouldn’t have been there anyway since it was filled with Black elites and entertainers before her time, outside of the trash culture she’s come to know today. But she has the name and the money so…

  12. Oh okay. Just a nice, somewhat fake industry party. Also, where is Nas? I’m telling you, they are not cool like that anymore. I feel it.

  13. Thanks for this!! This was probably the loosest that I’ve seen Giselle in pictures in a long time…she was really enjoying herself. Yeah..she might be getting ready to leave Jay.

    And oooh…who is Nia Longs Boo, T.E.R.? For some reason, I dont remember her fiances initials brings those…hmmmm (Tracee Ellis Ross???)

  14. Thanks for this G!! I’ve been waiting all night because I knew you had the sugar. First thing, please tell me that you don’t post your sources real name. I hope not, I don’t want her to get in any smoke for telling us the tea. Second of all, Jay is a miserable ass person. All that money but he’s still ugly and insecure. He needs to let his wife breathe and she needs to demand some space. He done fucked everybody and their momma and he’s cock blocking her and Usher. I hope she fucks him out of spite. As for the party, it looked lavish and only Diddy can get that many people to come out and be nice. 😄😄.

  15. “Lying ass Big Sean and Jhene Aiko”
    Took me OUT they’re so annoying now.

    Jay 😒 I almost hate him. If Bey can and will leave him, Im poppin bottles.

    Chris was out somewhere the night before, maybe because of the baby he didn’t want to go or didn’t want to dress up. I notice he won’t dress up or he won’t stay long at a parties, went in regular clothes to Drake’s New Years and Birthday parties.

    Something about Kevin’s wife doesn’t sit well with me, she acted as if he didn’t almost die in that car accident and and was still posting on IG.

  16. I’m so late so does T E R stand for Tracee Ellis Ross.. her and Nia been messing around? *clutches pearls* I Never would have guessed 😮

  17. i think Kelly is the only friend Bey is allowed to have&thats only cuz Jay some what controls her too. she not gonna say nothing in Bey defense,too afraid of being left Out like Michelle

  18. I saw the video on Facebook of Jay z snatching that phone out of a guys hand as Beyonce was on the dance floor. SMH.

    1. Thank you for this sugar! I was looking at those pictures of Jay and Ye like “I know y’all faking, but why?” Soon as it was announced that Ye became a billionaire, I knew Jay will come to talk to him at some point but this is a weird time to do it……

      I will literally pop bottles for Beyonce when she leaves that devil. I believe she will get back to herself when she does. Shit, I’ll support her projects post divorce, maybe they’ll be good like they used to. Praying she finds a silver lining when it comes to co parenting with him though…

      Ray J and Kim in the same room, I’m cracking the fuck up

      I thought Diddy couldn’t stand Drake lol, but Drake knows what’s up, that’s why he made that bullshit excuse

      I’d get a headache going to these fake ass parties like what’s the point? Just for photo ops and promotions? I wouldn’t party with people I can’t stand nor like

  19. So yea Kevin Hart wife…ummm idk it something about her that rubs me the wrong way! And y is she looking like that in that pic??? Giselle ass was having a good ass time like she was in the movie Cadillac Records! Just trying to be her real self!! And wat did u mean by Corey was Kim Porter bro..kinda???

  20. Jay-z is always doing the most. Let that woman be! Maybe if Beyonce left him, she would become more likable instead of always seem like she is faking it all the time.

    What’s the tea on Nia Long and her boo? Why are the doing all that at a very visible party?!

    The line about MGK and G Eazy discussing Halsey made me LOL’d.🤣

    Jhene and Big Sean seem like they can’t leave ezch other alone. Jhene really hook to big seanSe D. 😂

    This was some good tea!!! Thank you G!! You guys are awesome.

    1. Man whet??? Girl they rotten???😂😂😂😂😂 man wth😂😂😂😂😂😂 that shit dnt make sense but it’s hella funny😂😂😂😂

  21. Seems to me Bey just likes to have fun and j just keep fking it up. Making her feel like she has act as if everyone is beneath her when she’s just a sociable person 🤷

  22. I would of loved to be a fly on the damn wall….

    N you gotta give it up for Kim SHE IS SOOOOOOO FUCKN BEAUTIFUL I swear 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  23. What was Lauren London doing?
    And I remember you said Diddy was screwing Kris Jenner for the longest , how does Corey feel about that.. since Corey & Diddy are so close?

  24. Cardi really has no buzz with out Nicki. Her while career has been riding others success. Now that Nick won’t pay her dust she’s crumbling

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