October 2, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes – 12/16

  1. I’ve just excepted that black men don’t fuck with us black woman only behind closed doors.. I’m okay with that, imma just move on I’m not waiting on no nigga imma just do me and live my life and who ever wants to love me god give me the strength to let him or her 🤷🏽‍♀️. I’m not going back and forth with no black man. Hell no it’s not worth it. Life is way too short.

  2. he looke like he smashes fellas behind closed doors. black women are good, love.. they can have him.

  3. Lil Nigga Taye has NEVER been desirable. Not to me, nor mist if the females I know. So, I wish him the absolute best. 👋🏽🙏🏾 Peace & blessings to the little man.

    1. Ughhh … Remember when “Stella Got Her Groove Back” came out & all these ladies went crazy. I seriously could not understand it like … Fine .. Sexy … Uhh where at!! Give me Tupac….Morris C….Omar E….K-Ci…. Shiiiiidddd!!

  4. 😒 1st of all, nobody’s been diggin Diggs since Stella.. what was that, 96’,98’??? We don’t gaf 😩😩😆😆😆 He can date a man and we still wouldn’t budge! He thought he’d date another form of a “colored” woman so he can say ‘see, I’m not racist’ 😆😆😆 u ain’t low…. but we still dgaf 🤷🏾‍♀️.. Keep tellin ya son he’s not a black man 😴

  5. Black women have options too. Better start playing the damn field and stop begging mfs to appreciate you who only turn around and give you their asses to kiss. Two can play that game shit. Dial up Pedro, Juan, Santino and em. Get some Papi Dick. Brad ain’t bad either. In fact they be giving out the best orgasms. Ask me how I know 💅🏽

    1. Oh and for the record, many are not afraid to be seen with you in public contrary to what people feed us. Black women are the least likely to date out so when she’s out with a man who doesn’t look like her she breaks necks. People wonder what the man did to get her to swing his way and those non Black guys be feeling like The Man.

  6. I had the biggest thing for taye diggs during how stella got her groove back and wanted him to f**k me how he did angela basset but when i found out how he truly felt about black women it was 🖕🏽

  7. 😒 Honestly … I’ve never thought he was fine, never crushed on him. To each its own .. Hope you ladies aren’t too broken hearted 💔. Good luck 2 him & her. Thanks for the tea 🍵. 😃

  8. I know we need to stop automatically assuming that alot of black men are gay with no proof especially cause the elites want us to do that…but I’m gonna be honest I GENUINELY thought Taye was on the down low. My bad.

  9. I don’t ever remember when women really cared about this dude. We always knew he was a sellout and some thought he was gay but he was never in our radar… so he can date a green person for all I care.

  10. Omg!!! That last statement! That is so Ooo true he used to smash a friend of mine when he was married to Idina Menzel, he loves to sleep with black girls but doesn’t view them as worthy for marriage… He has a lot if self hate.

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