October 6, 2022

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15 thoughts on “How The Industry Turned The Masses Against Nicki Minaj & Got Away With It

  1. FINALLYYYYY! I’m not even in the industry or know anyone in it but Heaven you seem like you were taking all my surface thoughts about the conspiracy against Nicki and saying them out loud.

  2. Im sorry they used a racial slur but I still dont feel bad for her. One thing I have learnt in life is to pick and choose your battles. This woman has nobody in the industry but Baby and Wayne, and she going around acting like a loose cannon ???? She talked about “skinny white girls” first and they responded, she tried to bully them and it backfired. I dont care if ur black or white, wrong is wrong! As for the part abt her sleeping with who. This bitch took every opportunity to imply that Rihanna is a whore, so much that Rih doesnt even fck with her. As I said pick and choose battles, she made her choices now she has to deal with the outcome. I love her nd Cardi’s music but I dont like them outside the music. They are both annoying as fck!

  3. Thankful for you and G keeping it real so I know what’s up.

    While shopping today I saw a Christmas sweater that had Cardi’s face stitched on the front with “okerrrr”. I rollled my eyes so hard! It is all in paint sight!

    Now this all makes the whole Motorsport verse make sense!

  4. I’m baffled at how the industry “elite” could find issue with her Roman Grammy performance, but then turn right around and do a whole parody of the Roman Catholic Church at the Met Gala a few years after. I found both very tacky, but how did Catholics not find the Met theme just as, if not more offensive!? I mean/ there were crosses, the Popeish head pieces, and even angels. Very blasphemous.

  5. God, thank you that even when the world turns against us, You are with us. Thank you that even when satan has plans for our demise, you speak life to us. Keep her guarded and guided in the direction you would have her go in Jesus Name.

    She is at the mercy of God not man. God’s compassion will never cease for this beautiful woman, no matter how the world despises and turns against her.

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