October 3, 2022

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49 thoughts on “Heaven Hollywood Running Off At The Mouth

    1. Me too!! I was in my feelings when I saw that Puma as..I was like wait a minute!!!! U got someone now so why do this…RIP to Nip!

  1. Lizzo is mad annoying now, that whole game outfit thing just turned me off honestly.

    On another note, I follow sports gossip as well and there’s a football player that is trying to shoot his shot at Lizzo. When I saw it I immediately thought of when G said that they would try to fix her up with a football player.

    I like Lauren London, but she should have been honest from the start.

  2. I know Joe played like he didn’t care about Cyn’s past… But I think that whole debacle with The Game saying he had her first and that there was a s*x tape was the nail in the coffin for those two.

    1. Smh @ Lizzo. I feel like as fast as this is all happening, it’s gonna crash down even faster. It seems people get famous so quick, instant gratification and not as much of a somewhat slow drip like it used to be where you could get so kind of longevity, Maybe it’s just me, lol.

  3. This is wild seeing the inception of how Hollywood lets you humiliate yourself then the next day you’re honored w/something

    JT has always been a cheater & was never a prize. Jessica Biel May have got the marriage but her husband is nowhere to be found

    I figured Matt must be hard up for money. That seems to be the case whenever he pops up w/these interviews. I see now he’s timing them whenever Giselle does something. Nobody even remembers the Elle interview or Ivy Park relaunching, now everyone is rehashing old Destiny’s Child tea

    Riri’s my girl but I don’t understand why she doesn’t realize her worth when it comes to these men. She can’t move the same way she used to as shes in a different level. Hanging out w/exes where things went really bad in all the situations isn’t the move. I can’t see Riri playing stepmama to a stripper’s kid

    It’s a shame Ashanti is going for the revealing clothing now just to get out on when her career & songwriting credits should have her enough respect to sell some records

    1. I’m with Bette Midder when she said, “When is Justin Timberlake is going to apologize to Janet Jackson’s boob?”

    2. I want the backstory on Jessica Alba.

      The Juice World situation is sad af, these kids think they’re ready for fame and fortune but they don’t get to live it. They get their fame after their death.

      Lizzo is annoying, obnoxious and overrated. Other than two songs that are cool, she hasn’t done anything to deserve the recognition she’s getting. I’m guna be happy when she isn’t being shoved down our throats.

      I’ve been wodering about Quavo/Saweetie. They seem so forced, they don’t even try to make it believable.

      I want the backstory on Charlagay and Yee. He gets on my fucking nerves.

      Safaree and Erica’s relationship appears more sincere but we know it’s not. I’m not surprised he’s cheating but I am still sad for her. She seems like she’s genuinely happy- that or she’s a hell of an actor. They do make a beautiful couple though, I really wish they were genuine. I love love 🥺

      Can someone explain wtf Karen Civil does. I only know of her from fhe posts on ShadeRoom. Nothing more, nothing less. She does seem like a shady bitch. She gives me Mona Scott vibes.

      I really want to follow the Joe and Cyn situation. I really like her, she seens really cool. I don’t care for Joe whatsoever but I want to know wassup with these two 👀

  4. Well I hope ppl aren’t too hard on Lauren. Nip been dipping in&outta other bitches and even admitted it on his album. Plus they stayed breaking up, id have me another nigga too! Yea it’s unfortunate that he died but they wasn’t together then..

    Natalie smfh she got that chin shaved and dnt know how tf to act!! Thats ashame. Even redd was like “ stop fucken round on ya husband” on bgc redemption so she been with the shits!! But on bridezillas she said she couldn’t ask for a bigger penis so y go out elsewhere??? Marriage dnt mean shit to mfs no more and it’s sad. I just can’t stand mfs who dgaf abt the person being married that they’d still fuck wit them. Mila too & I like her. Smh God gon get they asses 🙅🏾‍♀️

    1. Safaree better chill! Erica is a vengeful Scorpio woman she will get her payback and won’t mind going to jail.

      Lizzo isn’t going anywhere till the end of 2020 atleast. So all of us that are annoyed let’s just watch the train before it goes off course and crash.

  5. I’m also surprised there isn’t any rumor of JT hooking up with Eiza Gonzalez from his Filthy video. She seems kind of thirsty and his type from that list, lol.

    1. I’ve only ever heard of one song Lizzo did that I thought had a good beat but if she has any talent, she just has squashed all of it and has become a gimmick. She wont last long. And if she is truly talented, that’s sad.

  6. Too much sugar! But oh so sweet!

    Really Matthew? Boy, what a 🐍. That is your DAUGHTER smh.

    Lauren, what is done in the dark always comes to light. You can only hide it for so long.

    Jessica, one word for you… Divorce.

    I figured so about Natalie lol.

    Rhianna is having fun. Right now it seems to be with ASAP. But if we see Drake, it will REALLY look like a recycle bin, smh.

    Quavo, who 😂😂?

    I am gonna roll with G on this one. They are definitely hyping up Lizzo. Anything is possible at this point.

  7. If he cheated on you while courting you, he will cheat on you after you married. He was a dog before Jessica married JT and he will continue to be one until he meets his right match. I don’t feel sorry for Jessica. She was too thirsty for marriage as they usually are when women are in these long term relationships

  8. Ya know, I was in the shower the other day when I thought to myself, 🤔🤔 DRUGS ALWAYS CIRCULATED THROUGHOUT HOLLYWOOD AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, but a lot of the heavy drug users from back in the day is still living….. THEY MIGHT LOOK FUCKED UP but theyre ALIVE. I’m sure when we sit we can think of a few. Just to throw a name out there BOBBY BROWN but it was a lot of them who SURVIVED their heavy drug use…..

    But now THESE DAYS, you know ITS DEF KILLING OFF THESE ARTISTS purposely!!!!! It’s more n more obvious AND THEYRE DYING YOUNGGGGGGG 😩😩 THEYRE NOT LIVING to see old age it’s so sickening and OF COURSE ITS BEING FED TO THEM smh….. it totally makes sense what heaven said ITS BEING GIVEN TO THEM TO KILL THEM OFF. 😩😩😩😩🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

    1. Right girl i said this shit too these youngins are going fast, but i also read a comment stating that “they’re dying fast because they cannot wait to die” smh

  9. I’m bracing myself for this Lauren London tea…. that shit I’m sure gonna shake the table!!! Lol
    And KAREN CIVIL…. smh…. TISK TISK smh….. I did find it quite strange how these artists she is the closest with seem to die 🤔🤔

    N I didn’t know Quavo tryna get at stallion? Of course but ion think that’s a match and Quavo cannot handle a bitch like Meg PERIODT. 😂😂

    Chyyyyy all this sugar got me like 😲😲😲😲

    1. Why should he? If anything Giselle needs to go back to letting her dad manage her again. At least he was her the right way to incorporate her money plus had her looking real good for her performances and her interviews.

  10. I just don’t like Karen Civil PERIODT! She just seems so slimy to me, till this day I still don’t know what she actually does!

    I just hope when the LL tea drop, people will understand that he been dippin on her as well.

    Hold tf up.. Jessica Alba an “old thot” 😳 I pray do tell us more please 👀 she’s always kinda had this wholesome innocent demeanour about her but I know there’s a backstory to that old thot comment!

    Chile Natalie Nunn’s hubby is foiiiinneee af, id volunteer as tribute if he’s wanting to return the favour to Natalie 🤷🏽‍♀️👀

  11. Jessica Alba an old thot?!?! Not Mrs.Honest lol let’s get her backstory G!

    Rih better keep it pushing I don’t even know why she kickin it with ASAP as much as she is, she better find another billionaire that’s not Muslim. It’s probably the Adonis factor that’s why Rih ain’t back on board with drake. 10+ years of them going back and forth just for him to knock up a pornstar by mistake?! I’d dead it too. Especially since Rih was serious in 2016 but drake fucked it up. His loss.

  12. Plus Summer Walker is not skipping her concert anymore, I see more positive things a bout her, and she’s throwing the one eye sight!! What a bout her?

  13. I wish LL’s secrets would have been buried with Nipsey/ his relationship with her IMO made him more interesting and his untimely death is what made him a legend. I don’t believe 90% of his “fans” were checking for him outside of that relationship or shooting. JT looks like a baby bird to me- I will never understand the favination with him (and his acting sucks IMO). MK is a loser/ the way he disposed of anyone to catapult his daughter into fame only to now be grasping at any wisp of relevancy seems to be karmic… Maybe the Lakers game was a humiliation ritual for Lizzo/ hopefully as her year gets bigger she puts her ass away and showcases more of her actual talents.

  14. Seriously!!! I commented on Lauren’s post about her announcing her puma collab. I said “that sacrifice becoming worth it huh lol”
    And she deleted my comment 😭😭

  15. So theres ALREADY tension btwn Meg & Saweetie , Quavo will be the ultimate reason another Nicki & cardi situation

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