October 5, 2022

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28 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes – Nicki Minaj and Tasha K : The Real Reason Tasha Will Not Be On “Queen Radio”

  1. I knew that this was next going to happen. I knew nicki wasn’t going to bring her on the show. Because of all of the mess that comes with tasha. Nicki dont want no law suits up her ass. Tasha already got people after her. Nicki is messy sometimes. But she know the deal she can’t say to much. Tasha not in the industry so she can say all of the nasty things about whoever she want. Nicki can’t talk freely like that.

  2. This makes so much sense. I was actually on that day and heard the conversation and could hear how uncomfortable Nikki was when she kept bringing up that man’s child. She was so excited about it talking about she would only show the picture to Nicki and Nicki told her she didn’t want to see that. That lady is crazy. I figured there was something more to it.

  3. Tasha better calm her ass down some. She be going too far sometimes & that’s gonna end up getting her ass in some big trouble. The same way that platform was giving, is the same way it can be taking away. Just cause you haven’t been touched yet doesn’t mean you can’t be. She’s shooting herself in the foot.

  4. Hindsight is 20/20… I don’t think Nicki should’ve called into Tasha’s show in the first place. But her mentality at the time was probably, “my enemy’s enemy is my ally.”

  5. Yep. As soon as I heard her ask Nicki if she wants to see a picture of the newborn baby and Nicki’s energy changed, I knew it was a rap. Loose lips sink ships Tasha…..

  6. That Tasha K chick talks entirely too damn much. All that yelling and shit. I’m glad Nicki froze her whack ass.🙄

  7. I could have figured that out! Nicki’s whole tone changed when she mentioned the baby picture. You could hear that Nicki didn’t want to be part of that mess and didn’t want anything to do with that Wendy topic.

  8. The thing is 2 mins into the video of Nicki & Tasha talking when she mentions showing the baby pic to Nicki, after Nicki says no “dont put that out there”, Nicki continues to say “We gotta get into some things on the show” That doesnt sound like the baby pic was the reason. Then on Tasha’s most recent show she stated “A artist wants her to sign an agreement saying she’s to never talk about her on her show” and many of us speculated it was Nicki…..idk but Im not shocked Nicki pulled out either way.

  9. I like Tasha but, she is a little over the top sometimes. I do remember her talking with Nicki,& she. Brought up Kevin’s daughter. She said I even have a picture her. Nicki responded,” naw we not gonna do that”. At that moment, Nicki was about done with her. I don’t think that would have lasted long with Tasha. Her energy is just different

  10. Why is she ALWAYS talking about someone’s child? She comes across to me that she hates children or has some type of trauma and takes it out on other parents.

  11. Orrr It couldve been the fact Tasha K stated she convinced Nicki to do a collaboration with Megan….I could see Nicki not liking that that was just waaaayyyy too much! And you trying to take credit, it just came off arrogant.

  12. I started to give Tasha some tea, but she takes thing llil bit too far. Plus, she oxymoron herself. How are you going to say, ” Kids are off-limits!” but in the same breath talk about somebody’s else kids? No ma’am!

  13. I love Nicki for showing some class! Tasha K is too much and way over the top! Her and LovelyTi beef was ridiculous as well. SMH.

  14. Tasha plays dirty , but she has never been for CartiB . Tasha was going to use Nicki , just like Nicki was going to use Tasha. Tasha is up and coming unfortunately Nicki not so much.

  15. I can’t blame Nicki in this situation. She plans to be a Mother soon, so I can’t see her speaking on or assisting leaking pictures of others’ kids – especially newborns. I believe this will trigger Tasha to turn on Nicki though. She will use the excuse of the lawsuit and drama from Cardi to call a truce and will backstab Nicki as a result.

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