October 4, 2022

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26 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Natalie Nunn & Dan Osbourne Scandal

  1. They definitely had a threesome!!! LOL look at those pics with them at the club of the alleged threesome!!! Thirsty much Natalie??!!

  2. That girl was so mean to her husband when they were in that Bridezilla show on WE…. I’m literally shocked he is still married to her… I hope he leaves for good so he can be with a woman who is faithful to him.

  3. Whatever. Natalie has never changed. She has been a thot consistently lol. Jacob was just blinded by the 🐱. Because homegirl been shaky lol. I bet my last dime she did that threesome and so much more lol.

  4. So Natalie , after that feud with Chloe on Big Brother, ended up becoming good friends with her and even taking her on her trips perhaps to keep an eye on Chloe to make sure she didn’t spill the beans?..I’m just guessing.
    Natalie might have pissed Chloe off somehow for her to start talking…hmmm

    Im also reading this could be a publicity stunt? Maybe to forget the claims of her possibly running a prostitution ring?

    1. I WAS thinking it could be a publicity stunt… but natalie is REALLY sleezy so i dont put this past her 🤣🤣🤣🤣 shes always been a clout chaser

  5. I always questioned how Natalie makes her money now cause baaayybbeee it can’t be from that cosmetics company of hers🥴

  6. What and I was gonna pray for a man like Jacob Payne
    Because I thought they had the perfect Godly marriage I guess you never know

  7. Dan is a rat, and a bigger one ever since he was featured on Towie and he doesn’t even like ‘black people’ but he’s chasing down The Chin?! My mates would never believe me. Big up Essex tho!

  8. Jacob is a kept man, so I doubt he is concerned w/how she is making the money. It’s probably the fact that it has gotten out, is what he is pissed about.

  9. See fellas, this is why you should listen to your gut when something isn’t. Had Jacob listened to his gut the first time around, he wouldn’t have married a hoe

  10. I specifically remember an episode of Bad Girls Club All Star Battle where Natalie started she could go to Nigeria and make the prize money in 5 minute 🐸 ☕️

  11. I knew it! She goes live lately mad early in the morning DRUNK/HIGH ASF!!! A few weeks ago, she was so twisted, I couldn’t stay on with her. Like, I began feeling nauseous. Smh it makes sense now that you explained it. PS I love you Heaven and G and DaRadiant1 and all the icydk fam. Big up yourselves 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️😘

  12. Natalie has always been her which we all knew from jump including her husband he knew she was a free sprit party girl he shouldn’t be upset now 🤷🏾‍♀️


    If I wasn’t married BUT HE FINE I ain’t never seen or heard of him before but….. NOW I DO 😍😍💦💦💦💦

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