October 3, 2022

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64 thoughts on “The Underworld of The US Government final Part

    1. Betrayl. Like the FBI when you died in the line of service, they reveal how died but not how they really really died. That’s what they do.

      1. I have a story i was a pharmacy specialist during the time the fort hood shooter was being treated

      2. Inbox G on Instagram and give her the information.She will you where to send your story.

      3. If you know so much and they can find anybody anywhere, how are you still alive? Because the FBI, Government and etc. don’t play? I don’t want you dead but if you seen that and was exposed to those missles, by you telling your head up, why didn’t he turn you in? You have extremely valuable information?
        Please explain.

  1. I seldom comment esp since, I usually don’t get a chance to read the posts until late at night, but it’s like I’m flabbergasted and yet at this point not surprised by anything anymore, something I did wonder if this is the place where they were sending my dad and I via phone with veteran affairs (he is 83 and was in the Korean War) to contact and go about looking for his among all the supposedly lost and burnt files, to receive more money.. It was something like this…but I really hope none of the yeah right ppl that think “they could never” open mouth or share this info! 😱

      1. Man and when the 911 happened i was soooo scared kinda sorta like when i first watched the titanic lol i mean it happened in real life!!!! Me & my husband went to NY earlier this year and went in the tower and of course i was scared shitless thinking sum shit was gonna happen…when they did that lil preview thingy with videos n shit of ppl walking doing they everyday job in NY then that shit went up and i saw how fucking far up in the sky we were and idk i was that far up LISTEN I SAID OH HELL TF NAWL IM READY TO GET UP OUTTA THIS SHIT HERE RIGHT GOT DAM NOW!!!!! I NEVER WANNA GO BACK THERE AGAIN SEEING ALL THOSE NAMES OF THE PPL THAT DIED MANNNN NO IM NOT WITH SHIT LIKE THAT!!! Then they got a place where u can get drunk n shit..man nawl ain’t nobody got time for that!!! When i tell Y’all the minute we stepped foot in there i was So super scared my whole body got sweaty! B4 we went up there there is ppl standing on the corner asking “are y’all going up” but i ddnt Kno wat they were talking about until we got in there and went tf up!!!! Never wanna do that again!!!!

  2. I’m sitting here . Reading with the things of my own that I know or have heard and it’s scary asf ando almost joined …… in pure shock

  3. I’m a little confused by the american airline sticker on the missle. Other then that,why would you share info like this? You know no matter how many times you tell people don’t say shit,they go right ahead and do it. You said dont speak if we value our lives but dont you value yours??? This is no shade at all I just get really concerned about y’all on the staff here especially G. You guys experienced a lot&I appreciate the tea especially for the price but dam,some of those warnings you should take for yourself. You can NOT trust some of these readers.sad but true.

    1. Because it’s time to tell tall and yall need to know the truth. The truth is hidden in plane site. You wonder why are homeless? They use us as guinea pigs and throw us out like garbage. And when we do start talking and give details, then the government wants to come in and make shit right. If they kill us, there is the questions and evidence that we have or who knows. It’s lot of us that have the knowledge and the. So instead of killing us off, they decide ‘safe keep us’. Like I said we are powerful in numbers but weak as. My dad’s death affected me and this is something I want closure on.

      1. Typo: Because it’s time tell all of you the truth and y’all need to know the truth. You wonder why so veterans are homeless?

      2. I see Alot of ppl in my city that used to be in the military and they are homeless. I always Wondered wat happened to them but i knew The military had something to do with it. My son is in the Army right now he just went to Germany but he was stationed in NC. He’s only been in there like 5/6yrs and I notice he drink a lot when he’s home! My step dad was in the military also he only did like maybe 2/3yrs and he said he would never go back ever again!

      3. My dad died in a car accident while he was in the Navy. I’m older now and really feel like he found out or saw something and the government killed him. I hope we both get closure. I’m just very nervous for you because I know the government a little better than the average person. Be safe

      4. @EricaCBH your son have already been exposed to some of the stuff that ssomewhat have mentioned. You tell him to keep his head up, stop drinking, focus, keep praying, and get the heck outta of the ilitary! You make sure you stay prayed up too.

      5. @Bxkrisst, I am and I stayed in prayer. God is protecting me and mines and he got this.

      6. Well, I believe every bit of it! and yet can’t fathom, because once you remove the veil you have two new set of eyes, aside from traveling certain places and reading a book that was named something horse -pale horse don’t remember exactly have to find and YouTube from before today’s censoring and basically corporate, I tried to make sure I could research, gather and store as much info before exactly what was gonna happen happened and us happening, that’s why that net neutrality situation hurt my soul, I knew it was gonna be even worse, so many people with things already in their face are slaves to the rational and “THEY COULD NEVER” you can literally have proof and still, so I stopped wasting my “delusional” talks with my loved ones long time ago, I don’t trust anything… so I wouldn’t and no one should dare play with info especially of this magnitude, but I wouldn’t not just for myself but for y’all who are putting yourselves at high risk.. however I’m grateful to have you guys that keep us informed with the REAL and eyes always wide OPEN. Thank you!

    2. Remember when it was allegedly said that two planes hit the twin towers and the Pentagon? I said in Part 2 that they used three scud missiles, took American Airline stickers to dressed the missiles to look like planes. From the air, they do look like planes, but on the ground are not planes. They scud missiles.

      1. Dam this make me so sad and scared too i knew U had some shot to tell and i couldnt wait to hear about it. My scary ass still wanna hear more😩 i think my son has saw something’s too cause he drinks really bad. When he got deployed the first time him & a friend was there together and they went to Iraq! This friend he had just bought him home with him for Xmas and this was maybe like 2/3 yrs ago. So the military ppl got in touch with me to let me kno that my son was coming back from over there because he had to do some type of schooling that was needed and they had an opening for him because he wasn’t supposed to leave Iraq for like 9mnths and he had been there that long. So he called to talk to me but not knowing i already knew he was coming home lol he wanted to surprise me but oh well lol anyway after he had been back in the states for a while he called me and told me that the guy that he bought home that went to Iraq with him was dead! He said they shot him in the head! FREAKED ME TF OUT!!! I also Kno 2 other guys that are retired from the military and they mean af to they wives. Also @daradiant wat about the ppl that contract overseas are they exposed to a lot of stuff too???

      2. @Erica, YES! VERY MUCH! It’s all a chess game to them and we are the pawns. Why do you think ‘Agent Orange’ wasn’t just used in the Vietnam War? Afghanistan, Persian Gulf, and Iraqi Wars. I have a cousin who contracted Agent Orange in the Persian Gulf War. Fucked ass up. Stay in prayer Erica and stay.too

      3. @DaRadiant I thank You so much for this information and the more information your trying to get us! Like this is so sad and scary af i always Knew it was some real krazy shit that goes on in the military one of my cuzns that has been in there for about 20yrs he’s a stone cold drunk and soooooooo super mean to his wife & kids like real mean! I kno When ppl go overseas to contract with the government man they ask for your while life history like idk y they ask when they already kno anyway! Man you have to go thru so much as if your in the military well to me it seems worse than actually being in the military with all the stuff that ask about you and wat u have to do! That secret service shit is FUCKING REAL!!!!! I never Wanted my son to go in the military but his dad wanted him to go at first he ddnt want to go but then he went ahead and went in. When it’s time for him to be able to get out he would battle with it then he stays in. He’s always been the type of child that wanted to travel the world. But I’m always praying for him & my husband because my husband has been contracting for the last 10yrs🤦🏽‍♀️ Just 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. @YazD23, It was hard at first but over the years, the government is slipping and very very bad at it too. I stay in prayer and keep a positive motivation.

  4. Listen we all believe it god right? If some of you don’t, it don’t matter, I PRAY THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER US AND OUR VERY LOVED ONES! I pray protection over us ALL. N the name of jesus WHEW….

    This stuff right here was some DEEP DEEP DEEEEEEEEEEEP STUFF.

    No man, no military no evil is more powerful than our god almighty REMEMBER THAT.

    I really hope none of you guys took G warning lightly. I know I didn’t.

  5. My grandpa was in the air force he said he seen a lot of crazy shit I asked like what he said if he told me he would have to kill me, I believed him too.

  6. How did you guys make it off that floor without being seen? Or did they not care that you saw them beating and then shooting someone in the head? Yikes!

      1. Maybe these stories should be up for a “limited time”. I’m worried somebody is gonna share these somewhere else.

  7. OMG. This sugar too deadly. I feel cray even reading it. Please be safe-gangstalking is real. I’m thankful that you and your family are alive and well. Please be careful.

  8. Wow. I have 2 co-workers that served. One seem as though it didn’t affect him and that it changed his life. The other one takes anti depression medicine and has PTSD and certain things triggers him. I wondered all the time what he went through when he was there.

    1. That other co-worker is lying. They are masking their feelings right in front of you. Trust me, I had to mask mines for along time until my death. I finally broke down after 25 years. The other co-worker, hug your co-worker, pray with them and stay in prayer them. We all we got!

      1. Yea I felt that he was lying. I think he suppress all his emotions until he just didn’t feel anything or relate to others feelings or emotions.He talks about the military like it was the best time of his life. His glory days. He also had power over people to where they couldn’t just fire him, they had to go through many things to do so. He loved the power. The fact that he recommended me to join, makes me upset now that I know what I know. I’m most definitely going to pray for both of them.

  9. Damn. That was SOOO much. My dad was in the military, and has only told me maybe 1% of things he had to experience. The PTSD and is so severe among vets and military members! It’s crazy what they don’t want us knowing….

    1. He is not going to tell you because the fear and safety for him, you and the family. And yes it very severe with us veterans and people. I pushed enough drugs to keep everybody sane and alert! Keep praying and stay .

    1. I feel like I’m Neo in the matrix. Like I chose the red pill and all this information is rushing to my brain so quickly. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. How were you able to access the basement? Seems like you would’ve needed a key or something to have access to that floor and how did you make it out alive? Did anyone see you? Very sloppy of them

    1. No key. DC and Arlington have 33° degrees tunnels underneath both cities. The blog I have to 32 Radiate when it is actually 33° Radiate. Above ground, DC is in 33° Radiate. If there was an attack on the President and Vice-President tunnels below are used, but you have to know which ones to use. Also, Crystal City is 98% an underground city. And best to believe when I go to the DC, I DO WHAT I GOTTA DO AND BRING MY ASS RIGHT BACK HOME! I will do another story about this. I am going to teach y’all this side of this demonic bullshit. Just give me some time to get the information up. I am back in school, back in Physical Therapy, and back n forth to the doctors so. But I am going to that information for y’all.

      1. You will be in my prayers 🙏🏻. Sometimes It takes death of a close family member to give us a reality check. My condolences on the passing of your dad. Just keep God in your life and stay safe. The insight that you gave about the military is very scary and powerful. Thank you

  11. I meant to leave my other comment as a regular comment 😫 but another thing, my twin brother was suppose to go to the Marines our if HS, I did not want him to go, I was worried, sad etc… when he was getting ready to go he picked up a charge that hindered that. I felt blessing in disguise… didn’t know why then but I always had this eerie and untrusting feeling of anything military and ALL the powers that may be, (esp since my dads whole situation was weird to me) then years later, my daughters uncle came back with a dishonorable discharge from the army and he’s never been the same, we haven’t even seen him in 10 yrs! that’s including my daughters grandmother -his mother 😳

    1. It was time to reveal the veil and I am glad that I did. I am so sorry what wypipo had did to your family and as well as mines. It is time to reveal all of them.

  12. This was mind blowing but at my age I’m not surprised that the system and the world we live in is ran by corruption

    LOST FOR WORDDDDSS!!!! The crazy thing about this whole ordeal is I’m not surprised at all about any of it. I’m just shocked

  14. I kno one thing,my pop is a life military airman. I asked him what he did when he was. Cross seas. He was brutally honest and said,” if I tell u , I have to kill you. Damn I thought. Shit ain’t worth knowing. I never asked again PERIODT

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