October 2, 2022

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25 thoughts on “The Underworld Of The U.S Government part 3 of 4

  1. Damn. So who is really Trump’s puppet master?? He’s incredibly unpredictable. Wonder why anyone would hitch their wagon to him?

  2. Makes sense they have mk programming on the east coast. Since Cedars Sinai mk programming on the west coast.

    1. Correct. You can’t walk in that place for pay! I went one time, stayed 30 minutes, hauled ass! Psyche ward where the programming is at, shitttttttt me! Some of them fools make me and you look normal! Had a commanding officer saw something at Camp David and fucked his ass up! Dude got airlifted to Walter Reed. I knew his ass was done!

  3. Remember, when Trump ass went there unexpectedly to Walter Reed and the doctor went with him? That’s one his handlers. A doctor always have to be by the President and Vice-President at all times.

  4. Listen y’all…..

    PLEASE DONT REPEAT NONE OF THIS SHIT THAT IS BEING TOLD TO US!!!! We don’t need the smoke from the ones who G is speaking of. Out of all this shit I’ve read (n I’m legit one of her DAY 1 sugar babies)…… this is the one thing I feel is really the DEEPEST.

    N G have dropped some SERIOUS shit on us! Let’s keep this amongst us ONLY!!!!

    Carry on…..

  5. Trump must’ve been talking too much whether in private or in public and them people’s had to check his ass alright lol but seriously Trump was selected by the elites. My father was in the navy and he got out after 2yrs in radar technology in the early 70s my dad told me all the time the military/politics/media is all a game and once you sign up depending on your intelligence, ya hooked and you have to play those people game, he didn’t so he left. My dad did my final American National government paper when I had first started college 10yrs ago on the Federal Reserve/The families who own themthem/the military industrial complex/the annual Bilderburg meeting and I kid y’all not, my professor asked me where did I get the info from and she was grilling me so hard and then she let it slip she’s a divine 9 and she let me know not to write no more papers like that cause she could get into trouble since all your college work stays on file with your professor. That’s when I knew she knew my info was legit. My daddy used to drop heavy gems and my oldest brother as he in the Navy now in Australia based out of Okinawa, he’s 20yrs in. Let’s just say he could hack me right now. He used to turn my TV on and off while on the phone with with me while he was on the west coast (San Diego) shit fuxked me up! Just to let me know he can check in at ANYTIME. And this was 15yrs ago.

    1. Correct. And I the same from where I am at. It’s amazing what you can learn from this blog and fuck people up at the same time.

      1. He can only do two terms like Obama, but if we vote him out or he get impeached, he only do one term. And all he will do is term.

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