October 5, 2022

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34 thoughts on “ICYDK Exclusive The Underworld Of The United States Government PART 1-4

    1. Because when pperson get out of the military, it takes them years to get back right to civilian life. We were programmed to do the dirty work the wypipo. Hence, Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War, Afghanistan War, Persian Gulf War etc.. We were not meant to be in the military, but how the way the wypipo set shit up, they want us to failed miserably and it worked. The only way to beat that is united against them versus us.

    2. You are not slow. It’s an introduction to why as black and brown folks as to why so many of us Veterans are fucked up we get out of the military.

  1. Ooo ok! Please don’t let anyone fuck this up!! I know DaRadiant1 has some good shit! I’m glad to see you’re back too! 😊

    1. When a person decides to go to military, you go through tense training and psychological brain washing. They prepared to use you as a chess pawn in a game called, “Let’s fuck these dumb ass people!”

    1. I dreaded going back there back in the day. Now that my Dad had passed, I have to make the journey one more time to DC. Lawd when I passed that Norfolk, it does something to me!

  2. Very juicy! Hoping more to be revealed in next round that may provide more clarity. Best to ever do it here. So worth the money – should be more!

  3. Your programming starts at any boot camp across the globe. My nightmare started at Ft. Jackson @ MEPS! Then to Great Lakes I went!

  4. What exactly is the unstable bodily fluid? I’m confused on what exactly happened…(sigh) all this control the government has over us POC makes me question life…what’s the point in wanting to live amongst so much evil? Why procreate to leave our children with what exactly?!

      1. Thank you for responding. I appreciate everything you’ve shared with us. Do you ever feel like they’ll retaliate against you? I’m so discouraged to start a family with how corrupt this world is. You can’t trust anything anymore! Not the food or medicine, doctors and with Trump in office, it’s like more people feel empowered to be evil. How do you deal?

    1. I ended up getting a round of immunization shots from a high pressure gun. If you move your arm, that gun can fuck up your arms. Anyway, the air pressure from the gun cause people to pass out from getting the immunization shots. Plus, you can’t have nothing to drink or eat before going to get your shots. It will make you as. The base is located outside of Chicago on Lake Michigan.

  5. OMG I had a panic attack seeing that picture!! I was there during that time period as well from Sept – Nov 1994 for bootcamp. Straight out of hs. Can’t explain the pyschological and spiritual damage. It was dangerous and the only good thing was that it made me emancipated.

  6. DaRadiant1 this is INCREDIBLE. Mum’s the word. I’m a military child (Army Brat) through and through since I was 4. My biological father was in the Navy and my stepdad who raised me retired from the Army some years ago. This was my entire life and I am grateful for you sharing your story. I got your back 💯. Keep going.

    1. Why Thank you. This information is very valuable. When I her or see a person getting ready to enter into the military, pulled them to the side and give them that talk.

      1. Same here. My boyfriend wanted to join a few years ago. Told him I will not be dating nor supporting him if he went. He did his own research eventually, and decided to back out.

      1. You ain’t lying about that. I know folks in every branch except the Coast Guard and the ones who’ve been to the Middle East – whew.

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