October 3, 2022

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29 thoughts on “I told Y’all R.N Watching Hi Jana :) Beyonce’s Team Responds to Our Post and Heaven Hollywood’s Live

  1. Heaven is like that cool uncle with all the good stories and knowledge. I enjoy the breakdowns him and G give on the industry because it really isn’t just tea. Keep it up you two!

  2. Listen.. I didn’t see or hear ANYthing about Beyonce doing a residency outside of this page so they are most certainly watching you. I always knew the info on this page was valid but this is just further confirmation.

    1. When that statement from her team came out I cracked up. Giselle’s team is posted in Live and on blog bc I only heard this sugar here. If it wasn’t valid why send a press release? Lol Heaven and G yall some real ones. Will see if 2020 brings a residency or another flop album and world tour. Lol I like my tea with two sugar cubes!!

  3. I appreciate everything you guys do, just be careful out here

    They’ve already tried to spin her dancers, including her captain not getting paid that much by her & liking all those IG comments exposing the real

    Giselle better accept the inevitable, humble herself & not end up with the same fate as other stars that tried to stop their deactivations

    She hasn’t put out a good cohesive album in awhile & used these stadium tours with huge productions & fireworks display & a relatively same setlist for years as a distraction from the bad music projects & a quick check her fans & I fell for up until the Formation World tour when I saw the writing on the wall & what this really was

    What’s going on now is once her record label really stops the funding & she’ll eventually HAVE to take that Vegas gig, that contract won’t be as strong or lucrative as it is right now. Beychella AKA the HBCU Homecoming battle of the band’s extravaganza she copied is her magnum opus & there’s nothing more she can do music/entertainment wise to top that

    Also I noticed she dropped a bunch of other stories today to promote the relaunch of Ivy Park as a distraction as well from that Vegas story that she conveniently left out certain artists who have/had residencies in the past like Backstreet Boys, J.Lo& Britney( even though she was spotted dancing @ Britney’s Vegas show) as intentional shade

    Something always goes awry with these fashion ventures from House of Dereon, the original Ivy Park & even the pieces she was modeling weren’t that interesting. She’s not known for fashion whatsoever compared to other celebs so I see this being another failed fashion line attempt to where once again she’ll have to do that Vegas gig

  4. So anybody see her new ivy park it’s supposed to relaunch in January, but it looks like it’s inspired by rih and always solo. And she talking about her miscarriages in a new interview

  5. You said hi to her in the title & called her by name 😄😄. She prolly gonna change her default name if it has her government in it! Y’all r something else lol

  6. Listen, Beyonce needs to go on and take that residency. I wouldn’t be mad at her. The poor girl has tried her hands at side hustles and they all seem to fail. She jumped on Adidas and THAT didn’t go far. I mean the shoe companies usually give these artist a boost, but not Beyonce. Now she trying to reinvent that high price Ivy Park line… Smh. I don’t know what the problem is for that girl. All her musical success you think it would be better for her. But music seems to be the only thing she can flourish in.

    That being said, be about that coin. Take that residency make bank. Get those stabilize days and raise your kids. Beyonce can’t stop the inevitable, but at least be smart about the options given. Her team, instead of deflecting stories, needs to keep it a 100 with her.

    1. Yes that’s what I’m saying nothing stuck with her but her music. No kim is not relevant in this but as much hate she gets all her shit selling.

  7. i JUST HAD TO CHIME IN something so hilarious….. im sitting here reading this material,, and as im reading this ,,comes across my tv is associated press has named lemonade top 15 album of the DECADE…..I was drinking tequila nd lemonade and i literally squirted my screen in astonishment and laughter and slightly frightened wondering am i in danger knowing all this REAL SHIT you guys beeN giving us…i mean is my IP gonna be traced cuz bby you guys are ruffling feathers

  8. I saw it on another site first and then on your spillthesugar Instagram however I’m not doubting what you’ve said

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