October 3, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes – 12/9

  1. Beyonce ain’t dropping no names. We need her too but she ain’t lol she really need to just drop jay she don’t need him.

  2. Are you talking about jay z other child that was pictured on the boat along time ago? Because i can assure you it’s false information i know for facts

  3. Sorry Naomi. Epstein isn’t going away any time soon.

    Beyonce is really feeling that her time is up. She trying to make those side hustles work.

  4. Oh yeah so can you talk about the mylissa ford and kim k thing i was confused as to why she just now saying something

  5. I use to work at a store that sold Ivy Park, back when they were with Topshop. It got a lot of mixed reviews and honestly the materials could have been better, to be Bey’s line. And did she have another miscarriage, I haven’t read the interview.

    Debbie Harry…she was almost killed by Ted Bundy, being an escort was not in her cards.

  6. Every time Beyonce “opens up” it be about the same shit&people always eat it up.
    Her kids
    Embracing her curves
    Women empowerment

    That interview was nothing but fluff

    1. I agree. Doesn’t care about awards or being number 1 but brags about those things now in her rap songs

      None of those pieces looked original or worth purchasing

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