October 4, 2022

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51 thoughts on “The Real Reason Beyonce Is Thinking About Getting A residency Gig in Las Vegas

  1. I bet these other artists aren’t gonna be truly happy until her reign as “queen of music“ who has to green light everything or else it doesn’t happen, is over. THEN people will be able to breath better again. I know amerie, neyo, Keri Hilson and all them are like good bitch fall off, and knock that ego down a few pegs.

  2. She will always be Queen no matter what. She stay getting buzz. Lemonade was a hit. But I mean it is what it is.

  3. We know how black women past a certain age are treated in the industry. Beyonce has had a great career. Heaven stated on his live they don’t have her replacement yet. Its was suppose to be Normani, but lizzo is poppin right now. So is lizzo being groomed to be next? She’s from Houston too. So is Normani by way of Nola. Which is similar to beyonce’s roots. The industry loves to make copy cats. Anyways has beyonce accepted that this is the end? Jay has but has she? What next after music, if there is anything?

  4. Makes sense. Everyone’s reign ends at some point & based on the fact that Gen X (the real music buyers) are more interested in mediocre, social media accessible artists, it was only a matter of time.

    1. Hold up! Generation X baby here. I only listen to real artist that make real music. Give the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and the Mid 2000s. Give me my Phyllis Hyman, The Sylistics, Lakeside, H-Town etc…That mess what these fools called music is dead! Now if Giselle wants to make a damn good album, bring back all of Destiny’s Child members, make an album, and go on tour. That’s what you do.

      1. True anybody watch snl last night did Jlo sell out
        And how did the baby get signed he can’t rap

      2. You’re Gen X, Radiant but your knowledge of music makes you an exception! I’ve taught too many 1996 and younger who are unimpressed by Bey because she seems too “perfect” (weird I know)

        But I absolutely agree on the DC album/tour. Long over due

      3. Now if she made an album with Destiny’s Child (+ Letoya & Latakia) and tour with them – I’d go see that.

  5. Lizzo? Will not be around long enough to obtain legendary status like Gisselle. Normani is seen ass too dark. So who will replace her?

  6. It makes sense that she does this residency because it’s a sure money maker. She doesn’t need to make any new music but just perform her popular hits. She is still a money maker but just not with new music. Also, I think a residency is ideal instead of her touring because she had a rough time touting those babies last time. It’s too much. Plus I suspect Bey pops pills so it’s easier for her people to handle her in a stationary location

  7. Will Lizzo be deactivated in 4 years since she’s 31 or the fact the went mainstream at 31 will come into play??

  8. Well everyone’s reign comes to an end eventually 🤷🏽‍♀️ TBH who’s really listening and buying full projects anymore. Only true die hard fans… and I know the industry is trying to push Lizzo, but a lot of people are not feeling her… I like Lizzo, but she’s been doing the most lately 🥴

  9. She’s close to 40 years old and been performing since she was a teen. No deactivation just there has never been performers to stay on top for 30 years. NO PERFORMER EVER has because music changes. The unfortunate part is the void the MJs and Beyoncé’s will leave because baaaaby you got the Summer Walkers out here now. With the lack of talent out there you will never be entertained to the levels they put out and it’s a shame.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!! It’s hard breaking.. From Nicki being pushed out.. it’s just too much.. the industry has truly been lowered..

  10. I mean that’s life but I don’t think we’ll see another beyonce in our life time. Music fans have toooo many options now to really be fans to one person to make them a global superstars. Fast fashion applies to music too when you have 200 different ways of getting your music.

  11. How is JLo “deactivated”? Bitch has had the biggest year and is everywhere doing and making the most. Lol

  12. G,

    Don’t they decide to “kill” the artist that they deactivate? Alot of people are saying that Britney Spears or Mariah Carey are the next ones to die via illuminati sacrifice.

    How does that work?

  13. Lizzo been doing the most! I dnt Even kno wat her song is that everybody like! She just been showing her big ass lately and it’s disgusting! Oan…who is this “Juice” rapper guy that had a seizure at the airport & died????

  14. I had a strong feeling this was coming down the pipeline. She mine as well do it and move on,and we all know she gonna do it

  15. Interesting to see. For all the smoke that the hive brings, they couldn’t make her last 3 albums go platinum? And how silly was she as she really didn’t do any promo for me last three albums. She thought she was above it. Well…..

  16. I’m not a Beyonce fan so I don’t care what she does but Lizzo of all people being that B, no ma’am! She doing the most and I can’t wait til she is a thing of the past. Not being mean but tired of seeing those thirsty pics. Ugh!

  17. When are these celebrities gonna see that you can’t trust the devil
    He’s a deceiver and plus she’s married to Lucifer Jr.
    Who’s taking her place normani or summer?

  18. Lizzo and norman’s will never replace Beyoncé. Janet was probably bigger than Beyoncé at her prime.
    Beyoncé signed a 3 special deal with Netflix. Coachella was one, what are the other two? After all her success with music, movies, tours and endorsements what else is there to prove or do?

  19. I really can’t see any artist out replacing Beyonce. Even if you don’t like her, you have to admit she’s one hell of an entertainer. They’ll never be another Michael, Beyonce, Prince, Sade and the list goes on….

  20. Welp we knew it was coming. Oh well. They do all that foolishness with the Elites, only to still be on the outs. It is inevitable. Time moves on and the audience changes. The new kids won’t care about Beyonce like the old ones did. But my question who is going to replace her? In my opinion, there aren’t that many talented people around to her standard.

  21. So her rep put on a statement that it’s not true. Sounds to me like it was true but she didn’t like the insinuation that she was washed up in the blogs. I wonder who is going to fund this next album because she’s not pushing units like she used to.

  22. It is rare that her PR and reps even comment on anything. When they do “deny” things, it speaks volumes!

  23. LIZZO…. 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

    Lizzo surprised df outta me cause how she is exposing herself right now I would of never seen that coming from her. Smh like, maybe she never had that confidence in her so with all the attention she receiving that’s probably what is making her go harder.

    I still think she beautiful tho 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😍😍

  24. If Beyonce do another album wth he she going’s to be singing about, but anyway I don’t think she should have jay on anything else she does.

  25. Who did Beyonce deactivate, i forgot? Would it had been different if her album was release under another label or nah?

  26. For all the people that has something negative to say about Beyoncé, she will step down when someone step in the music industry with her work ETHIC!! I’ve been to her concerts along with a couple other entertainers and its NO COMPARISON!! Beyoncé leaves and comes back by POPULAR DEMAND!!

  27. Lizzo ain’t shit but i see what you’re saying ppl honestly enjoy her performances better than music. Other celebs worship her so i feel like her deactivation would still be superstardom just not her level which is freakishly famous

  28. All of that vile behavior and rituals to have the top and they STILL plan to deactivate her. Damn! Who’s gonna take her spot??? Lizzo? Cardi?

    Her idiot fans will spend their last for the old routines and leotards.

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