October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Cardi B on Why She Defended Offset This Time

  1. The price you pay for fame and fortune. Arranged relationships and marriages, when clearly they’re not ready ro settle down, then bring kids into this world. They can have it. I’d rather have my peace and sanity.

  2. I feel like who cares – get that shit over with / figured out (relationship issues, court cases, cheating, stealing, lying … DRAMA …) so we can all move on to the next HOT TOPIC. It all seems mad dumb and totally not a coincidence.

  3. Bruh he sent that shit…however like she said bc they have court dealings with jade thats why its best to deny it

  4. Clearly he misses her fr 😂 You can be with a man allday….but you can’t stop him from texting the next bitch. Since court is in a few days maybe that’s a tactic that backfired on them?

  5. I feel yes he did miss jade and it was kinda like a plan to get her to drop her case against Cardi like if he reached out and she said oh I miss u too he was gonna be like aye I’ll pay u to drop the case and shit

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