October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 12/6/19

    1. I want the tea too. I live where Ron comes from in the BX and he bought this store called Ronnie’s Shore Shop and it has never opened. Just sitting there on Morris Park ave empty year in year out. Creepy and odd.

    1. Probably off the coast of Italy or something on vacation not giving a damn about what her daughter doing or WHO her daughter doing, just as long as those checks keep coming in.

  1. Justin is canceled
    Bhad Barbie smh poor girl no guidance
    And no not Snooki and jioni she fought hard for him

  2. I knew Snooki and her dude wouldn’t last after the Ashley Madison scandal and his name was thrown out there smh. Then again she was unfaithful to him multiple times before she got pregnant so lol

  3. Question now that Hazel E is pregnant and saved and getting married how is she gonna make her money?
    I know she and her fiancé live in Dubai

    1. I think you ask your own question. She live in Dubai. Everybody clam to be save that dont make it true. I wish her the best. Love and hip hop for to much for her.

  4. I dont care for Bhad Babie but it’s sad to see a little girl sold out to be a sex toy for these grown men. This girl mother sold her out at 15 years old. This girl never really had a chance for a better life. Dream doll I like her but what is she doing. She not making any music. She was just a backup plan. Both of these girl are pass around the music industry.

  5. With all the talks about Jersey Shore turning 10 and Snooki leaving the show, can we pleeeeeeeaaaasssee get the sugar on the cast 🥺 I’ve watched them throughout high school but not so much interested in this Family Vacation thing. They all look miserable on the show now compared to past seasons. Also heard you’re dropping military sugar😳 ooooo I wonder what y’all got planned for 2020 lol

    1. Yes!!! Please?! TeaSUGAR!!! Is Pauly D and Vinny Gay? What’s up with Ron? Snookis double life… Jenny’s divorce… the hook ups, drugs, scandals… give it to us please!!!!

  6. Leo is grooosssss. I thought it was Kendall and Bella? Just going off of their Insta posts.I guess Gigi was there too.

  7. Kendell Always fuckin she said why be tied down like her sisters with man they don’t like and babies they didn’t want
    Snooki’s just mad it ain’t bout her anymore
    Bhad babie knows she can be replaced
    Hope Justin get hes

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