October 5, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 12/5/19 – Nicki Minaj Getting Ready To Make Big Decision

    1. Its like if she doesn’t go and one day goes to see him it will be the same shit. so i say go and make regular visits after. At the end of the day in the words of nicki “i know jalani will always love me and i will always love him. I’m not just nicki minaj I’m his little sister when im around him”…

      1. Damn ☹️ . But on some real, they’re always gonna hate her and keep this train going, so keep trynna please mfs ain’t gon do shit! Just like she cancelled a performance or something cuz she tried to support the lgbt and mfs still ain’t gaf nor respect her for it, so girl do you !! Y try to please the elites when they’re for her demise in the first place, and frfr prolly the ones who orchestrated this shit against him anyway!!? And they’re whole pedophiles their damn selves foh! Go see ya brother, lay low, & pull a Gisselle and put out a surprise doc out the blue ! Shit….

      2. Exactly g even did something on the possibility of the elites framing him and she said that line on the pink print album before all of this mess.

  1. They’re going to talk about her regardless.
    I personally think the elites are behind this but…
    She lives her family so much so I know this is breaking her heart.

    I thought he was already sentenced.

  2. I’m sorry this is your brother still go say bye and have his back I understand he did something terrible but still go

  3. She shouldn’t go because people til this day keep saying she supports a pedophile “her brother” this will further push that narrative. She has too much negative press and too much people who want to rewrite her story, when he gets sentenced it will be posted everywhere with the title “Nicki minaj brother” “Nicki minaj shows support”

  4. I don’t think she should go. If she still trying to do this industry thing, she doesn’t need anymore heat on her. If she wants to say goodbye, she needs to make some kind of arrangement BEFORE the sentencing to say her peace.

  5. She’s in a pedo industry. Most all of these folks love kids. They want pedophilia legal. All of them sick. Like she said before ALL pedophiles should be killed. Fam or not.

  6. I’m not gon lie I definitely would still love my brother but couldn’t support no child rapist and I would tell him that. Exactly if she have a inch of doubt bout him! Fuck him u didn’t have that to do boy

  7. A regular person not in public eye of course you don’t condone or agree but there is love there that is your blood but in her position idk it’s tough I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes but some things just it’s a no so if she feel he guilty it’s a no for me just follow your instincts 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. This sounds like a damned if you do, damned if you son situation. Hell if she was a regular person it wouldn’t even be an issue for her going to say bye. She should absolutely do what she feels is best. I feel for her on this one cause at the end of the day he is still her brother.

  9. I wouldn’t go two damn steps to see my brother. If anything I would curse his ass out for a) being a pedophile and b) for making me look bad. I’m sure she’s carried him financially for years. And this is the thanks she gets?? Nope, he’d be on his own with this one.

  10. But I thought he didn’t do it.

    & at the end of the day that’s still her brother! She married him & he WAS convicted, so I mean….what ??!!

  11. It sucks that Nicki even has to ponder whether or not to say goodbye to her brother but the elites are gonna be waiting for her to show up so they can come with negative press. This just proves Nicki has been broken down by this hate train poor thing has to walk on eggshells. She’s probably just scared of more bad press cause that can effect her other business dealings outside of music. I understand both sides of the situation her side and her family side.

  12. Damn i feel her but then i agree with her mom that’s ur brother family over everything right or wrong. I never believed he did it i can’t see him doing that i hope she does and support him i know he would love to have his baby sister there and they were very close smh fuck what ppl have to say

  13. I don’t have not one sibling… but people i care about, i hold close to my heart.. so i couldn’t even imagine the position she’s in. But regardless of whether i believe him or not, IM GOING TO SUPPORT MY BROTHER. Bottom line. That’s family.

  14. People already swear she supported him and never seen her step foot in the courtroom. What else can they really say she’s not going to be back on top either way. Also I thought you swore up and down the doc wasn’t coming G lol

  15. I really feel for her on this one. I really think he could of been framed if he’s pleading his case. Ughhh she really needs to make the right decision for her. It’s gonna come back on her and what she’s trying to do. We’re gonna have to wait and see

  16. This is sad….I feel bad for her, its not even her fault but everyone is gonna blame her for her brothers alleged actions. But we know the elites have a history of staging fake trials (Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson) meanwhile they have whole brothels for underaged girls

  17. Question ☝🏽How is this fat nasty 😷 funny looking bastard just now getting sentenced to prison and his trial has been over for years at least two years ago he was found guilty?! Since when in history of the judicial system does it take two years after being found guilty to be sentenced? Next thing is, he made his decision about what he wanted to do in life when he raped an 12 year old girl over and over again. Nicki Minaj career took a big hit after the news about him raping his wife daughter came out publicly, honestly her this is what started the decline of her career and Star Power and her career hasn’t been the same since!!! People literally made up the dumbest stuff to “cancel” her because of what he was allegedly doing to a child, rumors of her supporting him and defending him really gave people a reason to Hate Nicki Minaj. Till this day people are still repeating the same thing about her supporting her rapist brother, even though there is no proof of her supporting him! People just want a reason to hate her that they will continue to spread lies about her and know it’s a lie just because they want others to hate her as well! If Nicki Minaj has the slightest bit of sense, she should just stay away from him and anything that has to do with him, what he allegedly did is kick started the “Hate Train” people started against her! Fuck his funny shaped head Ass!

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