October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 12/4/19 Offset, Cardi B and Jade

  1. I knew he wasn’t hacked.. the timeframes is off and why they knit messages her at 1 am in the morning and he was in his story around that time too… he just ain’t shit.. can’t believe people believe that story

  2. Smh that nigga was not nobody’s hacked!! 🙄🙄 dumb ass got caught tf up!! Smh sad. Didn’t even wait till the case closed stupid ass! All cheating husbands got a nice warm spot in hell! Like y even get married 😒

  3. He knows he wasn’t hacked he posted a story within the same hour that the message was allegedly sent! He also switched platforms and didn’t try to explain that until people pointed out to his dumb ass that he was saying he was hacked on twitter but the dm was sent on IG….. Cardi and Offset are both clout chasers and liars don’t believe anything that comes out of either of their mouths

  4. I hate to hear this. I just cant believe he would hit her up. Shes the police! I really dont get it. Im totally lost bc Offset should know the game. And honestly, if Im Cardi, putting me in harms way like that, when camera is away, me and Star are gonna have to mob him. Jade needs to chill. When that case is closed, Im pretty sure, shit gonna end up crazy and brazy for that girl. Her dude snitched on everyone. Shes an easy target. Tommy got Sarah protected. Ijs.

  5. I don’t think he’s that dumb to message her, his girl is fighting a case against her and he had to know that she would expose him. I don’t think know dude out here that dumb . And I know her 🐈 isn’t they great! I seen her before pics she looked a mess!

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