October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 12/4/19 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil

  1. I feel bad for Jessica however she should’ve known Justin aint shit look at how he did Janet after that Super Bowl mess. NO I AINT OVER THAT 🧂

  2. Rhetorical question: how can the church support his cheating on her but not support her divorcing him 🤦🏾‍♀️

    1. Probably cause he’s a man or he’s the bigger name or both. The industry is very misogynistic and sexist in my opinion of everything.

  3. I can believe Jessica is under heavy MK. I watched the 1st season of The Sinner on Netflix, she’s starring and producing. But she looks WACKED OUT the entire show and I understand that’s how the character is supposed to look but a part of that character was her. It was very strange.

  4. This is off subject so Oprah is doing a film about Russell Simons alleged accuser what is with her bringing down the black men and not Weinstein

  5. These two have been a big question mark for years. They never made sense and oddly all this new information makes it make start to make sense. I can totally believe she’s MK’d tho. She was looking real different in the eyes the last few years. Like droopy and just tired, and looks like she cries a lot. And when I saw her in a couple episodes of The Sinner she seemed like her performance came from a real place. Idk sometimes I think they are both off their rockers in different ways. I’m just gonna call it a business arrangement that went on too long, lol. I wonder how things really went down with Cameron those years, lol.

  6. I never knew Justin was part of the scientology church.. Oh well sucks for her. She better takes some notes from Nicole Kidman and find a way to be out. it’s not like he is popping like that anymore. People see his ways now.

    1. The Scientology thing threw me off too. I thought they were coming to a fair agreement tho? Soooo it’s like, is she a prisoner until he doesn’t need her to be? She needs Katie Holmes!

  7. Some of this shit has me so confused. How is the husband having her under MK Ultra? I don’t get that part. Because I thought there were people that were in charge that kept certain people under MK Ultra. To control them to a point that they’re pushing certain narratives. Or behaving in certain ways. I’m just so unclear right now. And then I thought the MKUltra was reserved for people that were like way at the top and doing really well and still owed the elites. We haven’t heard of these people doing anything in years.

    1. Shit i thought They get MKed at the hospital but i guess It must be a pill the handler has and gives them or something?? 🤔🤔🤔

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