October 4, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Word Has It Wednesdays

    1. No let his ass get caught there is no reason he should be speaking to underage girl in the first place don’t protect these people it’s real dis

  1. He better back waaaaay back, block their numbers and be very careful about who he speaks to and what he says for a long time.

  2. Damn even his Jewish protectants not coming to bat for him?? 😬😬 yikes!! And does the ships mean cruise or yachting??? I got like 98% of the pics lol

    1. I think it means friendships, that’s why it has the picture of the show Friends and ships after it. What I decoded from this was that they don’t know who Drake pissed off, but the elites are not coming to save him from the claims of his inappropriate friendships with little aged girls, particularly Millie Brown and Billie Eilish so he better take a chill pill. Yikessss nobody’s safe😕😕😕

      1. Oh true that makes sense. I’m like these lil girls are Yachting!!? 😱 lol 😆 thanx

  3. G I got a question more so about that Illuminati graphic. If the queen is at the top of the chain (or so it appears) what’s up with all the smoke Prince Andrew is getting now about the under age girl he was supposed to be dealing with that has come forward and is doing interviews? Wouldn’t the queen sweep that under the rug?

    1. It’s not just one girl. I read the queen has banned him from conducting any “business” at the palace. He was sloppy, so I think he’s being punished for it. I don’t think the queen is at the top, but they’re definitely in deep with the rituals, satan worship, trafficking, elites..but there’s definitely more people more powerful than them that they answer to. I did read somewhere that the queen owns A LOT of property world wide..like billions in land, but I don’t know how true that is.

    1. I was wondering if this and the boo’ing situation was the start of either a humiliation ritual or deactivation.

  4. Drake clearly doesn’t see the Elites are ready to take him out. They don’t like him and there are enough foot soldiers who don’t like him and are ready to do the Elites bidding of taking him out. Instead of being concerned with people liking him, he needs to cover his azz and go into protection mode. Drake needs to stop being slow 🐌 lol.

    1. No let his ass get lit on fire. There is no reason he should be speaking to underage girls in the first place STOP defending these disgusting industry people tf

      1. Nobody is defending him. If he is guilty then he gets the same treatment as R. Kelly and the rest. Simple. But going off the information given in this segment, it is being said that there isn’t any evidence of misbehavior with the girls, but because perception is key he will get fried. Is it smart for him to text these girls… No. But being stupid doesn’t mean you are a criminal.

    1. No. They are saying he has friends who are messing with underage girls. But Drake is being dragged in for associating with these people and Elites aren’t helping to save him.

      1. Y’all need to STOP protecting him if his ass dodger down like that he wouldn’t be friends with people like that

      2. No they are saying drake actually has the relationships with underage girls. They claim it’s innocent. But he shouldn’t be talking to them anyway, Millie Bobby Brown was upset when drake was seen with grown ass women in the past after they became cool. There’s clearly a reason why. Why is his ass telling a child he misses her? That looks creepy and like he is grooming them for something. Period drake is not innocent.

  5. The industry is real disgusting. Drake really get down like that and it’s disgusting why tf would you be friends with people like that. Idk why all these people keep on defending him talking to underaged girls. It ain’t it. I may not be a mother but I have a little sister and I wouldn’t feel comfortable if she was talking to a grown ass man like that. It’s real suspicious drake really is disgusting. They all definitely deserve to go straight to hell literally

  6. I don’t think he’s carrying on anything sexual with these girls I just think people are putting in on thick and filling in blanks with what they believe to be happening based on how it looks. BUT if it were to come out it’s been sexual I wouldn’t exactly be shocked since the industry they’re in…I’d be HURT but not shocked. But hey know he’ll know what Nicki been feeling and why she been flying off the handle like she has. Now he’ll stop being petty and more understanding.

  7. I dont understand how an ADULT could be attracted to a CHILD. And I dont care how MATURE that CHILD is….a CHILD IS A CHILD!!….SICKENING!!!!

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