October 2, 2022

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30 thoughts on “I.C.Y.D.K Darkside Of The Industry The People They Say” When Are They Going To Sacrifice Someone

    1. I love this segment. It’s so dark and I probably shouldn’t like it as much as I do, but it’s so interesting. Super effed up of these celebs though.

  1. Beyonce can’t have children?!!! Those pictures of her pregnancy were altered??? You know I had to go back & view that video that was circulating of her having a fake belly during her 1st pregnancy. WTF?!!

  2. Wow this was deep. I loved Prince too, but I agree tots is believable. Beyonce…I have no words as to why you would even do that to yourself. Great segment!

  3. Now that’s how u come tf back!!! 3 strong ass sugary segments that’ll give u diabetes!!! 🍚🍭🍬🍫🍰🎂🍨🍮🍩🍪 😄😄😄😍😍 Missed u G!! 🤗🤗🤗

    And I was just in the comments under Janet’s pic she posted with her two young nephews with somebody asking where is her baby we haven’t seen her with since she was with that Muslim dude, and how a few years ago MTO posted the alleged recent pic of Janet’s daughter she had with debarge. That girl looked exactly like her it was uncanny !! Sort of how the lil girl from Aaliyahs hot like fire sitting on her lap looked soo much like her now that it was alleged that was in fact her daughter. I heard the “ she gave her away to family “ story too like 10 years ago I believed it surfaced! Hope she did the same with the baby and no sacrifice. Damn Janet! ☹️

    Also, u did a story last year I believe on how Mathew had a baby her & j took in as their own and sacrificed on Giselle’s behalf bc she was getting away with no sacrificing thru j being her fucked up ass husband!! I used to want a baller to end up with , but I’m ever so good off these industry niggas!! 🙅🏾‍♀️ Won’t bump me off then show up at my funeral fake bothered like Bishop !! Foh!!!

  4. This is crazy now I love prince but it all make sense now. Never thought about the baby he lost years ago. I never thought he will do anything like that.

  5. That bit on Beyoncé is so dark, but believable. Her and her sister are witches. Tina dabbled in witchcraft, but Tina’s mom is the one. I remember going to a Beyoncé concert back in 2016 (I think). It was her Formation Tour. When I tell you I got so sick in there (physically). It’s like the mantras and music and graphics would almost put you in a trance if you’re not careful. Needless to say, I ended up spending most of my time in the bathroom and/or the breezeway of the stadium.

  6. Wow! Who knows, but we do know dark stuff goes down with these industry folks. I don’t put nothing past them.

  7. I read on LSA loooooong ago that bruno real dad is Barry Gordy…. but he look just like him and he looks just like diana oldest daughter by Mr. Gordy… i wonder is that the reason he sacrifice his mom….

  8. Whew I hated to hear that about Prince but he was way too successful to be on the straight and narrow. Mary did a great video on him a awhile back that explained a lot. I love this segment.

  9. So if Beyonce didn’t have kids, then how did those twins came around? I do believe she really carried those twins because she really acted like an expectant mother. With Blue, it seemed weird and forced.

    1. I want to belive bey had the twins but she so sketchy i need more on her. I wonder what they did in that ceremony

    2. True and this time she was after birth pudgy. She still has a bit of a tummy although her clone doesn’t.

    1. Yep everyone was like this n… bugging too much drugs. And was like 👀. Tragedy is comedy and comedy is tragic.

  10. Wow, I LOVE this segment!!! Damn, I took an extra early lunch break to read this. Just wow at Beyonce and her womb.

  11. Ok I get the Beyoncé miscarriage thing because JayZ even mentioned it after Blue but why did the do her like that with the witch craft? That I don’t understood. Wouldn’t it be better for her to have a child in order to sacrifice? So why is it haunted down there?

  12. Very informative. I like posts like these. Not surprised about Giselle. Her parents groomed her at an early age.

    1. I be thinking the same thing every time I see them on Instagram. And got to put on a brave face to the masses. Knowing I’m pushing an agenda they don’t know the dark secrets behind it, that’s a pretty big burden to hold, if you ask me

  13. I read a story I can’t remember where . But it talked about down the kardashian blood line Roberts great grandmother x 8 (some far down the line shit ) did a ritual for the women in her family to never have to suffer the way the previous one’s did . A ritual that was much like the dance téyana Taylor did with the face or headdress of an animal in a naked almost possessed stated . Hence fame with out talent thing .

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