October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot takes 11/27/19

  1. Kim is a Libra. Libras are peacemakers and normally end up the ones compromising. I’m glad her and her husband are on one accord.

    T.I. is a narcissist and narcissist are never wrong.🤷🏽‍♀️

    I’m so over Ray J and Princess. If they choose to get paid for these shenanigans they’ve been going through then they have no self respect. They are toxic together and that was proven when he pushed her azz in that pool. Even though she threw a drink on him, he should have never put his hands on her. That spoke volumes.

  2. Selena must have that ill nana the way men be ready to take her back haha maybe that’s why Bella don’t wanna fuck with her, she got weeknd sprung & Bella of course feel some way.

    Isn’t there such thing as the 27 club, where people die at that age alot?

  3. Need a back story on cupcake some people been saying she was lossing a lot of weight. I dont know much about her . And what is going on with the weekend his been out of the public eye for a long time. Summer Walker. What is happen to this young people.

  4. Agreed. Don’t threaten to air folk out. Gives them a chance to retaliate beforehand. I’m still waiting for yumg joc to air out Diddy from like 10 years ago!! 😆😆😩
    And exactly what happens at 27?? 👀👀 her n khloe stay having mfs so wiling to take her back on some risk it all shit lol

    I hope it’s not a stunt for princess n ray. That’s a corny way to do so. Him cheating is played out. Now if she blast the receipts that’ll be something to see and not so corny lol

      1. Ohhh yeah!! 😬😬😬 and they’ll blame it on her kidney and say francia raisia’s wasn’t compatible enough for her or done shot like that! 🤷🏾‍♀️ damn

  5. I’m sorry but Weeknd would not take Selena back the way she up and left and popped up with Bieber. Y’all confuse me because everywhere else I hear Selena is foul af streets been talking but I come here to where y’all are always on it and it’s like she’s innocent aside from the drinking and the drugs.

  6. The fact that Woody Allen, Harvey Weinstein, & Kevin Spacey still have jobs when there is PROOF they have sexually assaulted people confirms the privilege where as Bill Cosby & RKelly’s legacy has been tarnished smh. And Vanessa Hudgens must be desperate to get back in… what has she done since Disney?

  7. TI is an ass and wish someone would put him in his place. Hope it’s one of his kids…
    Kim now we know it’s only a matter of time …
    If Ray got all this money (or supposed to get) why do they neeed a show they post enough anyway and at the end of the nobody really cares.
    All of Hollywood is racist which everything be sweep under the rug

  8. Vanessa Hudgens has been working non stop since Disney. Her music career is what she’s been absent from. Whoever said what has she done since Disney should get on google and see

  9. Idk how people continue to fuck with Selena Gomez like that, I’ve read that she’s shitty. I really hope the Weeknd doesn’t leave Bella for Selena. I really do like Bella for him.
    I had never really heard of Cuppcake other than her being mentioned here and there. I listened to her music one day and it wasn’t for me.
    I remember you mentioned a while back about Kim trying to make Kanye leave her. Do you think this is the way she’s going to do it? By saying she’ll stop being sexy then going back on her word?

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