October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes New Segment

  1. wow I hope Dezjah’s okay. Can’t blame her for unfollowing him. It doesn’t matter if everyone seen what she did, he really embarrassed the fuck out out of her and probably had creeps in her DMs.

    You confirmed my theory about Summer Walker. it’s sad to see people my age selling they life away and don’t even know it. So grateful for y’all on this blog, because I’d be just as bliss as my peers. I’d probably be following the shade room’s tea still, if I didn’t found y’all lol. Much love ❤️

  2. I’m wondering what summer walker seem to have her type scare of crowds now! Yea I know the industry’s wicked and evil, but now u so called have anxiety if ppl?? 🤔 idk. This is crazy. But thank heaven. U be careful as well…

  3. Oh yea, off subject, but did Toni Braxton sacrifice her niece?? The truth show made reference to that and I never even thought to think that…

  4. Cardi’s been workin on her new album & has been postin videos of her workin n the studio on her IG story so they must’ve gave her the green light

    1. I dont think they gave her the green light just yet. Since Atlantic told her that her antics are causing problems and she’s about to be shelved she’s getting it together. Shes doing damage control by not lashing out and posting her studio sessions. Although shes in studio doesnt mean any of those songs will be released. Tons of artists have gotten their projects shelved. Overall I do think she will get it together bc they got meg on deck and doja cat is right there too. Shes on thin ice and replaceable.

  5. If I was Cardi I would be putting more energy into acting and doing commercials just in case her next album doesn’t do as well as the first one. Summer Walker and Ari Lennox are so talented and are probably aren’t into the rituals and all the other behind the scenes shenanigans that go on in the industry.

  6. Cardi has been trying to keep it cute, but her recent (obviously staged) popping up on a troll incident probably put her right back on the chopping block. I can see Doja Cat taking her spot. I originally thought Dreamdoll was going to (she also participated in the Nicki Minaj hate train), but for some reason, she can’t get people to care that she’s alive.

    I honestly can believe that a mass email gets sent out to support artists… I remember when Gaga came out and EVERYONE was so team Gaga, and now most of those people could careless to even mention her name – though she still has some success in other ventures with acting.

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