October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Real Reason Tinashe Signed With Roc Nation

  1. I bet now that Rih and jay on the outs that’s the real reason he came for tinashe just to be petty. I wanna know did she smash chris brown during that time they collaborated on the song player? They both sexy and singers and dancers and she was hype about the song but then she tried to play him and pretend like she was forced to collab with him by her label & he dragged her lol. Then she went right back to listening to his music and following him and I think wearing BP like nothing happened?

  2. Chance the Rapper is dead on… Stay independent. Chance has made me a believer. I know it isn’t the easiest route, but with all the different outlets in 2019, it can’t be as difficult as it was 20 years ago. Plus, you probably have a better chance of not kissing Elite azz or getting witchy with them because they really haven’t fronted you any money.

    If Tinashe was doing well independent, she should have stayed independent. I know she was dropped from the label and she was disappointed, but that could have been her way out to get back on her independent track. For her to regroup and come up with a new strategy. Now she about really sell out and be on some ritual ish. Jay THINKS he can make her big, but that isn’t a guarantee. Sis is about to be on her “Rita Ora” in a little bit.

    1. But isn’t Chance a plant? I don’t know how he managed to win multiple Grammys with all those lawsuits of him using uncleared samples and beats. That has to be Elite doing, but I could be wrong.

      1. True. He might be. Because he has received accolades. The unclear samples is just plain stupidity on his part. But what I mean is, Chance, if wants/wanted to could choose if he wanted to be down, how far he would go, or not. The Elites couldn’t really hold anything over his head if he chose to go straight and narrow because no label fronted him money.

  3. I gotta go to google cause i really dnt kno this chik. I mena I’ve heard of her b4 and seen her on social media but idk shit about her like that tho

  4. I’ve heard Tinashe’s name and seen her on Instagram, but that’s literally all I know about her. I dont think I’ve ever heard her sing.

  5. I don’t like Jay anymore but I don’t see an issue with it. Rihanna is so high up there , it’s no way she can ruin rihannas bag , plus rih is damn near done with music and Jay can try as hard as he wants but no one can replace Rihanna. At least I don’t see it happening. Rih is a once in a generation talent, replacing her is like replacing beyonce’ it can’t happen. They can only be deactivated.

  6. I love Rihanna but that ain’t it that’s jealous and it ain’t cute. Rihanna is Rihanna nobody can replace her. But that ain’t it. Let Tanisha shine as black women we gotta stay together support each other. That seems really bitter to me

  7. I’ve seen her perform and she performs hard. You can tell she really wants to succeed in music but there’s something naturally corny about her. It makes me sad to think of how far Teairra Marie could’ve gone but it seems she got in her own way. She had effortless star quality even when she wasn’t all the way polished up and was just getting started before it all went to waste.

    I wish Tinashe the best but I miss real vocalists. She can carry a tune but she’s expendable. I wasn’t missing her during her label situation. If Jay can mold her into superstar status with all the bells and whistles then I’ll tip my hat off to him.

  8. Rihanna doesn’t care about music like people think she does. She’s a smart woman. She knows the average shelf life of a pop star is till age 30 anyway. But being a businesswoman is forever. A pop star is not. She’d rather go out on top and retire than keep putting out tired albums and doing the same performances a million times like Giselle who will still try to keep up with the kids past age 40.

  9. He actually cares about how Tierra Marie career was destroyed because he dropped her?! Righting his wrongs by her would be trying to fix her career!? Not signing a new chick 🙄

  10. I knew she didn’t Fuck with The Roc Nation or JayZ anymore!!!! She hasn’t been seen around him in years and doesn’t rep The Roc anymore, I wonder what happened between him or the label that made her chill out on making music! Did y’all realize that she hasn’t made a new album in almost 5 years? That’s a long time in the music industry to go without new music! Her ANTI album came out in 2015 and it’s about to be 2020! Besides her last hits That she’s done over the last few years like “Wild Thoughts” which was like 2016 or 2017 and then she did a song with Pharrell called “Lemonade” that came out in 2017 as well all she has done is features on other people’s music and it’s been years since she has done a feature. She seems to be over music but I wanna know why….

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